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Version 3.0 downloads

Downloads for the 3.0 release of Analysis Assign, September 2019

This is the first full release of AnalysisAssign V3.

Please inform us of any bugs, issues or feature requests via our online forum:

MacOSX Download

The MacOSX download was compiled on OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite).  It consists of a zip file. When you have downloaded this, just unzip it where you want on your disk (no blank spaces in the directory path!).

There are three options for running the program:

  • In the top level of your Analysis folder, double-click the .app applications
  • Open up an ordinary Mac terminal window and run open ./ which will run the .app as if you had double-clicked
  • Open up an ordinary Mac terminal window and run bin/assign.  You can add the bin/ directory to your PATH, in which case you will then be able to run it just by typing assign. (Creating a symbolic link to assign will not work)

On the first running of the .app you may experience issues with the MacOS routine quarantining of downloads, if this happens, please following the instructions in the popup.

Download the MacOS version from here:

tar xzf ccpnmr3.0.0MacOS.tgz ~/home/user/projects

Linux Download

For Linux, the current distribution is CentOS7, download the following and extract it:

e.g.: tar xzf ccpnmr3.0.0Linux.tgz ~/home/users/projects

This might also work for some other flavours of Linux (please let us know if they do!). If they do not work for a particular Linux variant, please contact us to see if we can work with you to get a distribution ready.

The MacOS and Linux downloads do not contain the following example data files and tutorial projects.

Data and Examples

The following download contains tutorials and examples to experiment with. Download to your downloads folder and then extract to your projects folder, e.g. ~/home/user/projects, which will give you a new /data subdirectory:

tar xzf data3.0.0.tgz ~/home/user/projects/Analysis

or alternatively use unzip:

unzip ~/home/user/projects/Analysis

Virtual Machine Download (including data)

Whatever your operating system, you can run the CcpNmr programs from a virtual machine. First you must make sure you have VirtualBox program and the VirtualBox Extension pack - you can get it for free from:

You then download the AnalysisAssign VM (with data), extract it, and open it with VirtualBox:

e.g.: unzip ~/home/Users/Projects

The VM runs CentOS7 and includes the fully working program with all tutorials and test data.

General Comments

As soon as you start up AnalysisAssign, the first thing you should do is get the updates.  These can be obtained via the help menu: Help --> Check for Updates. Once you have installed the updates, you need to quit the programme and restart it in order for the changes to take effect. If no updates are available then it will show a count of 0.

Notes for Analysis v2 Users

If you open up an Analysis v2 project in v3 then it will automatically get converted to v3 format. The main difference between the formats for v2 and v3 is that in v3 the top-level directory has a ".ccpn" suffix attached, and the xml files are one level further down, in the sub-directory ccpnv3 of the project directory (inside that sub-directory you will find memops/, ccp/ and ccpnmr/, as usual).