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FormatConverter Quick Start

Quick start guide for the FormatConverter local application

Quick guide to using the format conversion software

Step 1: Create a CCP project...

Go to 'Project:New', and enter a name. This will create a CCP project in memory.

Step 2: Import one or more files in a particular format...

Go to 'Import'. There are three ways of importing files:

  • Single files': Read one file at a time (also includes project files).
  • 'Combined files': Read a set of interconnected files (e.g. a shift and peak list)
  • 'Multiple files': Read multiple files for one format in one go.

Select the appropriate format, click on 'Select file' to select the file name(s), then press 'IMPORT'.

Step 3: Run linkResonances...

Go to 'Process:Run linkResonances' This will give meaning within the Data Model to the resonance objects using the imported resonance names from the file you just read in.

Step 4: Export one or more files in a certain format...

Go to 'Export', select the appropriate format. Select the appropriate peak list, ... from the data model, click 'Export' and give the file name to write to. Note that only one file at a time can be exported this way.