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Downloading CCPN software

The various programs and versions available from CCPN

CcpNmr software is cross-platform and works on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and various flavours of Unix.


The CcpNmr V2 software suite

The current components of the V2 CcpNmr software suite are:

  • Analysis - for spectrum display, interactive analysis and assignment
  • FormatConverter - for reading and writing between the data formats of existing programs
  • ECI/PDB deposition - for submitting CCPN data to PDBe and BMRB


Software release downloads

Download Analysis, ECI and FormatConverter from the stable version release page.

The Stable version of the software is code that will not have substantive functionality added to it, and in particular the user interface should not change in any significant way.  It is better documented and also better tested and used, so should have fewer bugs, relatively speaking.


Further information

A CcpNmr mailing list has been set up for discussion of the software.

Some previous versions of the software are still available.