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V 2.5 released

Our V2.5 software which allows reading of NEF files in V2 is now available


We have now released V2.5 of CcpNmr Analysis which you can download from

The main new development beyond V2.4.2 is that it can read NEF files. NEF is the new NMR Exchange Format. Since V3 can write whole projects in NEF, this feature will enable you to read V3 projects in V2 (though there may be some loss of information).

You should also find that the Update and ChemComp links now work correctly. You may find that the fonts have changed somewhat - note that you can change the font type/size in the Project/Preferences menu.

Linux Users:
The way the programmes and libraries are bundled is different. If you previously struggled with elements relying on e.g. numpy not being able to find various libraries, then you may find this is improved in 2.5.

Mac Users:
You will find that the main menu is now in the Mac Menu bar right at the top of the screen.

Industrial Users:
Please note that you will need to have up-to-date CCPN membership (or a subscription to Analysis V3) in order to be able to download and use V 2.5. Please get in touch with us if you would like to renew your CCPN membership or purchase a licence for CcpNmr Analysis V3.