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2014 CCPN/UK Scarborough presentations

Speakers' presentations

Session 1: Metabolomics and MRI

Kevin Brindle, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute: “Imaging tumour metabolism with hyperpolarized 13C-labelled cell metabolites”

Ulrich Gunther, University of Birmingham: “Using NMR to decipher metabolism in cancer”

Beatriz Jimenez, Imperial College London: “1H NMR-based metabonomics for clinical phenotyping”

Paul Driscoll, National Institute for Medical Research: “Exploiting Chemical Exchange for NMR and MRI”


Session 2: DNP and Solid state NMR

Jaifei Mao, Goeth Universitat: “DNP-enhanced SSNMR on membrane proteins – practical considerations and in-house examples”

Mark Lorch, University of Hull: “How I stop worrying about broad lines and learned to love DNP”

Boyan BonevUniversity of Nottingham: “Molecular recognition in membranes: solid state NMR, in silico and DNP approaches”

Józef Lewandowski, University of Warwick: “Fast magic angle spinning: from protein dynamics to structural studies of large protein complexes in nanomolar quantities”


Session 3: Function, Structure and Dynamics studied by NMR

Frans MulderAarhus University: “Protein Dynamics: from methyl groups todomain motions on the ribosome”

Fabien Ferrage, Ecole Normale Superieure: “Protein Dynamics from NMR relaxation: from high to low fields; from order to disorder”

Uli Schwartz-Linek, University of St. Andrews: “Isopeptide tagging and PELDOR: tools for tricky targets”

Flemming HansenUniversity College London: “Loops, side chains and ions: probing dynamic functional hotspots in proteins”