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2014 CCPN/UK Scarborough

Information about the CCPN annual conference in Scarborough, 1-3 September 2014
14th CCPN Conference
1st-3rd September 2014, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus
Registration for CCPN 2014 conference
[Link to registration and payment pages for CCPN 2014 conference in Scarborough, 1-3 September] REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED
File CCPN conference programme
CCPN 2014 Scarborough conference programme
File CCPN poster abstracts
CCPN 2014 Scarborough poster abstracts
File CCPN attendees
CCPN 2014 Scarborough attendees
File CCPN walk
CCPN 2014 Scarborough walk
2014 CCPN/UK Scarborough presentations
Speakers' presentations
File Protein Dynamics: From methyl groups to domain motions on the ribosome
File Exploiting chemical exchange for MRI and NMR
File Loops, Side-chains and Ions: Probing dynamic functional hotspots in proteins
File CCPN2014Bonevfinal.pdf
File 1H NMR-Based Metabonomics for Clinical Phenotyping