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CCPN / CCPBioSim 2016 Conference Poster Prizes

Poster Prizes for the 2016 CCPN - CCPBioSim Conference

First prize

Salomé Llabrés (University of Dundee)

On the binding mechanism to the Influenza A M2 channel by amantadine-like inhibitors

Shared second prize

Krisztina Feher (Ghent University)

An engineered scorpion toxin analogue with improved Kv1.3 selectivity displays reduced conformational flexibility

Alex Heyam (University of York)

Asymmetry at the homodimerisation interface of the microRNA‐biogenesis protein PACT revealed by NMR spectroscopy

Honourable mention

Outi Kamarainen (University of Leeds)

Dynamics of Protein Ligand Interactions -­ Impact on Drug Discovery

Santiago Martínez Lumbreras (King's College London)

Integrating NMR with biophysical techniques in order to study full‐length challenging proteins