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CCPN 2017 workshop

Information for those attending the CCPN 2017 workshop

The workshop is 9 AM - 12 noon on Thursday 13 July (so the morning before the conference proper starts).

The workshop will be in the same building (the Pathfoot Building) as the conference, in one of the rooms just off the Crush Hall (PD3).

If you are bringing your own computer then there are two options for installing the CcpNmr software (both versions include tutorial data):

(1) Linux VM (11 Gb) (download one or the other): (zipped on Windows) (zipped on Linux)

In order to run, this requires the installation of VirtualBox, both the platform package (5.1.22) and the extension pack:

(2) OS X (700 Mb):

This is compiled on OS X 10.10 and should work on more recent versions. Run the script bin/update once you have downloaded and unpacked the tgz file.


Download for Screening Tutorial.

Download for Analysis Beginners' Tutorial.

Download for Analysis Backbone Assignment Tutorial.