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2007 CCPN/UK Ambleside

7th CCPN Conference, 31st July - 2nd August, 2007

Session title: NMR - in and around the membrane

Paul Driscoll:  "Introduction to challenges & solutions to studying large systems; our experience with death domain complexes of the DISC"

Mark Girvin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine:  "Helical membrane proteins in micelles and bicelles"

Lukas Tamm, University of Virginia: "Structure of PmpG by solution NMR (and how we got there)"

Lee Yun-Lian: "Potassium inward rectifier/SAP97 interaction"


Session title: Dynamics and characterisation of folded, partially folded and intrinsically unstructured proteins

Patrick Loria: "Characterizing millisecond motions in proteins using CPMG-relaxation dispersion measurements I:  Theory and Application"

Christina Redfield: "Studying partially folded proteins using NMR Spectroscopy"

Anthony Mittermaier, McGill University, Montreal: "Characterizing millisecond motions in proteins using CPMG-relaxation dispersion measurements II: Building a Dynamical Model"

Martin Blackledge, IBS, Grenoble : "Insights into conformational behaviour of unfolded proteins from residual dipolar couplings"

Session title: The far shores of NMR

Sina Reckel, University of Frankfurt: "In-cell NMR in the liquid and the solid state2

Marc Baldus, University of Gottingen: "ssNMR on (membrane) protein complexes:  methods & applications"

Lucio Frydman, Weizmann Institute, Israel: "Single-Scan Multidimensional NMR"

Volker Doetsch, Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Frankfurt: "Combination of cell-free synthesis and NMR spectroscopy for the structure determination of membrane proteins"