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2005 CCPN/UK Ambleside

5th CCPN Conference, 19th - 21st August, 2005 - NMR and molecular interaction

Session title: Protein-protein

Josep Rizo: "Anallysis of protein-protein interactions involved in the regulation of neurotransmitter release"

Helen Mott: "Protein/protein interactions: G protein/effector complexes"

Tharin Blumenshein: "Interactions and dynamics within the troponin complex"

Session title:  Protein production

Gilles Trave: "Monodispersity-based strategies for control and optimisation of recombinant protein quality"

Session title:  New NMR approaches

Andy Byrd: "Use of paramagnets in non-metallo proteins: Cases of symmetry, oligomers, and complexes"

Krystyna Bromek: "Polychromatic excitation and protein interactions"

Matthew Crump: "Thermodynamic quantities derived from Protein dynamics"


Session title:  Thermadynamics of interactions

John Ladbury: "Calorimetric studies of protein interactionsin intracellular signal transduction"

Session title:  Protein-nucleid acid

Frederic Allain: "Solution structure of several alternative-splicing factors in complex with RNA"

John Christodoulou: "NMR investigations of intact ribosomes and of alpha-synuclein"