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2001 CCPN/UK Edinburgh

Efficient and Rapid Structure Determination by NMR

Speakers and titles of talks delivered at 1st CCPN Conference, 6-8th April 2001, Edinburgh Conference Centre


Peter Domaille, DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company, USA "Automating NOE assignments and structure calculations with ambiguous restraints p19INK4d and MIA"

Alexandre Bonvin, University of Utrecht "The NMW structure of chymotrypsin inhibitoro 2 from secondary chemical shifts and cross-hydrogen bonde 15N-13C scalar couplings (3hbJNC'): How far can we get?

Fleming Poulsen, University of Copenhagen Obstacles in high throughput structure determination of proteins by NMR

Mike Williamson, University of Sheffield "Structure constraints, mainly NOEs"

Brian Smith, University of Edinburgh "The HP-1 chromo shadow domain homodimer"

Annalisa Pastore, NIMR "Calcium-independent binding of an EF-hand domain to a novel motif: an \alpha-actinin/titin complex"

Frank Delaglio NIH, USA   "Practical Methods for Exploiting Chemical Shift and Residual Dipolar Coupling Homology in Protein Structure Determination"

Andy Pickford, University of Oxford  "Efficient and Rapid Structure Determination of Extracellular Matrix Proteins by NMR."

Helen Mott, University of Cambridge "Structure Determination of Protein Complexes"

Marc-Andre Delsuc, University of Montpellier "The assignment module in Gifa : manual assigment of protein NMR spectra and coupling with automatic residue typing and direct fold recognition"

Yutaka Ito, Riken Institute "Problems in iterative assignment and structure determination: Experiences with DinI structure"

Michael Sattler, EMBL, Germany "Practical aspects of NMR structure determination and refinement of the SMN Tudor domain"

Rolf Boelens, University of Utrecht "NMR studies of subtilisin PB92"