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V2 to V3 Translation

V2 to V3 Translation

A list of V2 features and shortcuts and how to access these in V3.

Please note:
- Ctrl/Cmd means that you need to press Ctrl on Linux or Windows machines and Cmd on a Mac.
- Keyboard shortcuts are case-sensitive in V2, but not V3

Mouse Usage

Function V2 V3
Select peak Left-click Left-click
Select multiple peaks Shift + Left-click Ctrl/Cmd + Left-click
Select peaks in region Left-drag region Ctrl/Cmd + Left-drag region
Move selected peak p (to mouse position) Middle-drag peak
Pick peak - Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Left-click
Pick peaks in region Shift + Ctrl + Left-drag region Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Left-drag region
Drag Canvas Middle-drag Left-drag
Zoom Mouse wheel OR Shift + Middle-drag up/down Mouse wheel
Zoom region - Shift + Left-drag region
Move through planes Ctrl + Mouse-wheel Ctrl/Cmd + Mouse-wheel
Move contours up/down - Shift + Mouse-wheel
Options menu Right-click Right-click (greater degree of context dependency)

Keyboard Shortcuts

V3 contains many more keyboard shortcuts, see the Keyboard Shortcuts page for more information.

Function V2 V3
Zoom in/out Page Down / Page Up ZI / ZO
Delete selected peaks Delete (Fn + Backspace on Mac) Delete (Fn + Backspace on Mac)
Assign peak a (for assignment popup) AP (for peak assigner) / AN (for NmrAtom assigner)
Add horizontal ruler h MY
Add vertical ruler v MX
Mark cursor position m (snaps to peak if nearby) MK (PM to mark selected peaks)
Mark cursor position m (snaps to peak if nearby) MK (PM to mark selected peaks)
Remove marks and rulers n MC
Show selected peaks s PT
Snap peaks P SE
Move through Z-planes j/k JJ / KK
Increase/decrease contour level e/r QQ / WW
Move peak label to mouse position q not yet implemented
Auto-arrange peak label positions w not yet implemented
Reset peak label positions W not yet implemented
Toggle spectra on/off t TabTab
Set all specta off f TabZ
Set all spectra on g TabA
Save project S Ctrl/Cmd + S

Menu items

Function V2 V3
Open Spectra Experiment / Open Spectra Spectrum / Load Spectra (LS)
NMR Series Experiment / NMR Series SpectrumGroups in the sidebar