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Synchronising Axes

Synchronising Axes

This feature is still somewhat experimental and might result in unexpected behaviours. These could require closing the compromised spectrumDisplay(s) or restarting the project. If you encounter any problems, please let us know (via the CCPN Forum or by emailing, so that we can fix them!

Go to Macro / Run CCPN Macros / SyncSpectrumDisplays which will bring up the SpectrumDisplay Sync Editor. Here you can add axis pairs which are linked with one another. Use the + button (or right-click / New Sync) to add a new synchronisation. Then double-click to select a SpectrumDisplay and AxisCode as your Source and another SpectrumDisplay and AxisCode as your Target. Add further synchronisations if you wish. Finally, click on the yellow/red Chain button to activate the synchronisation of the axes (the button will turn green). To stop the synchronisation click on the Crossed Out Link button at the bottom. You can remove synchronisations from the table with right-click / Remove Selected or Remove All.

The All X/Y, All X and All Y buttons will automatically add rows to link all X and Y axes. Sometimes it might be quicker to do this and then remove unwanted rows rather than setting up several rows by hand.

Note that in practice, it doesn't matter which way round your Source and Target axes are: if two axes are linked then moving or scaling one will automatically move or scale the other. Similarly, if axis A is linked to axis B and to axis C, then axes B and C will also be linked.

At the moment only X and Y axes can be synchronised, not Z-axes.

Note that you can only link axes that belong to the same isotope type. If you link axes of different isotope types in the table, you will simply find that nothing happens.

Note that synchronisations are not currently saved as part of the project. You will have to set them up again when you reopen your project.