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Search Box

The search box at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar lets you search for items in the sidebar. As you type a search string, possible matches are shown in a Search Results box above. If you click on a result line, then the sidebar will automatically navigate to that item, expanding the visible data structure where necessary. You can also drag an item from the Search Results box into the drop area. This has the same effect as a normal drag from the sidebar, i.e. chemical shift lists or peak lists are opened as tables and spectra are opened in spectrum display modules. Dropping NmrAtoms and NmrResidues into spectrum display modules will create marks at their respective chemical shift positions, or if dropped onto peaks, the peaks will be assigned to the NmrAtoms/NmrResidues.

Search Strings and Examples

The search will look for any text matches and is case-insensitive. * can be used as a wildcard.

Note that every item of data in the sidebar is listed as a so-called Project ID, or PID for short. These PIDs contain a short code to signify the data type (e.g. SP for spectrum - see below for a full list) followed by the name of the data item. Nested items also contain the names of their parents/grandparents, separated by a . , e.g. a peak list is shown as PL:spectrumName.peakListName or an NmrAtom as NA:@3.23.THR.CA.

as a search string would any Valine NmrAtoms, NmrResidues, Atoms and Residues, while
would show only Valine NmrResidues.

might show you any spectra and their peak lists that contain the string hsqc, whereas
would restrict this to peak lists or
would restrict this to spectra.

PID Short Code Data Item Nesting Example
PR Project Project PR:GP41fab8066Complex
SP Spectrum Spectrum SP:hsqc
PL Peak List Spectrum / Peak List PL:hsqc.1
ML Multiplet List Spectrum / Multiplet List ML:hsqc.1
IL Integral List Spectrum / Integral List IL:hsqc.1
SG Spectrum Group Spectrum Group SG:T1 Data
CL Chemical Shift List Chemical Shift List CL:default
NC NmrChain NmrChain NC:A
NR NmrResidue NmrChain / NmrResidue NR:A.23.THR
NA NmrAtom NmrChain / NmrResidue / NmrAtom NA:A.23.THR.CA
SA Sample Sample SA:complex
SC Sample Component Sample / Sample Component SC:complex.GP41
SU Substance Substance SU:GP41
MC (Molecule) Chain Chain MC:A
MR (Molecule) Residue Chain / Residue MR:A.23.THR
MX (Molecule) Complex Complex MX:GP41-fab8066
SE Structure Ensemble Structure Ensemble SE:4kht
SD Structure Data Structure Data SD:run1
RT Restraint Table Structure Data / Restraint Table RT:run1.TALOSRestraints
VT Violation Table Structure Data / Violation Table VT:run1.NNoesyViolations
DT Data Table Data Table DT:ScreeningSet1
CO Collections Collections CO:run1
NO Note Note NO:note1