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Phasing Spectra

If you use a program such as NMRPipe to process your spectra, you can use CcpNmr Analysis to obtain your phasing parameters.

You can open the phasing console using right-click / Enter Phasing Console or by typing PC. Select 1D traces with right-click / Add Trace or by typing TA. You can remove all traces again with right-click / Remove All Traces or TR. To change the scaling of the traces either use the buttons in the toolbar, TU and TD for 'Trace Up' and 'Trace Down' or use the commands in the right-hand mouse menu. The position of the pivot is indicated by a dashed black line and by default it is set in the middle of the spectrum. You can place this elsewhere either by left-dragging the pivot line with the mouse, by placing the mouse at the desired pivot point and typing PV or doing right-click / Set Pivot. Alternatively, you can type a value into the pivot box below. Change the phasing using the sliders at the bottom of the display or by typing values into the ph0 and ph1 boxes.

Once you have finished phasing your spectrum you can make a note of the phasing values and enter them into your NmrPipe processing script. The phasing is not saved and directly applied to your spectrum within CcpNmr Analysis. You can exit the phasing console again by typing PC or using the right-hand mouse menu.

Phasing 3D spectra

You can phase 3D spectra in the same way you as phase 2D spectra. Note that you can select peaks from different planes in different strips to phase on.