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NEF Import

NEF Import

You can import a NEF file by dragging it into the program, by going to File / Import / NEF file and selecting the file or with the shortcut IN followed by selecting the file. You will then be given the option to decide whether you want to Import (all or some of the data in) the NEF file into your current project or whether you want to open the NEF file as a New Project. If you select New Project, your current project will be closed and all the data in the NEF file will be loaded into a new project. If the NEF file contained CCPN tags, then this will contain almost as much information (including colours of spectra and peak lists) as a normal CCPN project would have done.

If you select to Import your NEF file, then you will see a new pop-up window with three panels. On the left hand side you will have a list of all the data contained within the NEF file. You can tick the boxes in the tree structure to select which elements you want to import. If you click on any of the data elements, then the middle panel will show you the actual data. Click on the green plus to open up or collapse individual tables. On the right hand side you will see what happens to the data upon import. You can change the name of any tables you are importing (either type a new name into the box and press Enter or click on Auto Rename). You can also select to place the data into a particular Collection or Structure Data object in your project. This is mainly of use when importing structure calculation results - for more information on this see our Structure Calculation Tutorial.


If you click on Verify at the top of the import dialog box, Analysis will verify whether a particular item of data with the same name already exists in your current project. Any items for which this is the case, will turn orange. If you have ticked to import any of these items, they turn pink and they will need to be renamed in order to avoid name clashes. You can either do this yourself and choose your own preferred names, or chose Autorename.