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Mouse Usage

Mouse Usage

Mouse action Function
left-click select items in the display area, toolbars, sidebar or main menu
left-drag move the spectrum around in the display area
mouse-wheel in spectrum Zoom in/out1
Shift + mouse-wheel in spectrum Raise/lower contour level
Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + mouse-wheel in spectrum Move through z-planes
mouse-wheel on axis selectively zoom only that axis (and in effect change the aspect ratio)
Shift + left-drag Zoom into an area (a yellow box is drawn)
Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + left-click Select/deselect multiple peaks
Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + left-drag Select all peaks in an area (a pink box is drawn)
Shift + Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + left-drag Pick peaks in an area (a blue box is drawn)2
Shift + Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + left-click Manually place a peak2
middle-button drag move a selected peak to a new position
right-click context dependent menu on display, selected peak, spectrum toolbar, sidebar and tables (these also contain the two-key keyboard shortcuts or many actions)


Zoom Preferences
1 If you go to Main Menu / Preferences you can select whether the zoom occurs centred on the spectrum or centered around the cursor/mouse position. For more information go to Zooming.

Peak picking
2 Peaks are picked for all visible contours in a display. To pick selectively only positive or negative peaks or only peaks in one spectrum, make sure only those contours/spectra are currently displayed. For more information on peak picking go to our Peak Picking Tutorial.