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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many menu items and functions in Analysis can be carried out using a two-key keyboard shortcut. Although we usually write these out in uppercase letters, they are not case-dependent.

The shortcut for menu items in shown on the right hand side of the menu in the format 'A, B', although the comma is not required (it is an unfortunate Qt side-effect). You can view a pdf document listing all the shortcuts by going to Help / Show Shortcuts.

Please note that where you would use the Ctrl key on a Linux computer, you need to use the Cmd key on a Mac.

If you have accidentally started typing an incorrect letter, you can press Esc to clear it and then start typing a new keyboard shortcut.

On the whole, the keyboard shortcuts will act upon the active spectrum display, i.e. the display whose axes are highlighted. The only exception to this are the cursor keys, as these can also be used to navigate within tables.

Action Shortcut Related
Graphics :
Delete selected Del (Fn+Backspace on Mac)
Pan/Move Spectrum Cursor keys
Toggle Grid GS CH, TA, PC
Toggle Crosshairs CH GS, TA, PC
Toggle Double Crosshairs CD CH
Toggle Horizontal Trace TH TV, TU, TD
Toggle Vertical Trace TV TH, TU, TD
Increase Trace Scale TU TH, TV, TD
Decrease Trace Scale TD TH, TV, TU
Create Mark at cursor position MK MC MX MY
Create Mark along X-axis at cursor position MX MY MK MC
Create Mark along Y-axis at cursor position MY MX MK MC
Clear All Marks MC MK MX MY PM PX PY
Create Marks through selected peaks PM PX PY MC
Create Marks along X-axis through selected peaks PX PY PM MC
Create Marks along Y-axis through selected peaks PY PX PM MC
Navigate to Peak position FP FN
Navigate to NmrResidue position FN FP
Copy PeakList CL CP
Copy Peaks CP CL
Clear Current Selected Peaks CZ
Refit Selected Peaks RP SE
Snap to Extremum Current Selected Peaks SE RP
Select All Visible Peaks in current strip Ctrl/Cmd+A
Set Phasing Pivot to cursor position PV PC, TA, TR
Add Phasing Trace TA PC, PV, TR
Remove Phasing Trace TR PC, PV, TA
Show/Hide Phasing Console PC PV, PT, TR
Add Integral in 1D plot I1
Switch Mouse Mode to/from Peak Picking mode MM
Zoom in to Spectrum ZI or + ZO, ZA
Zoom out of Spectrum ZO or - ZI, ZA
Zoom to Full Spectrum ZA ZI, ZO
Store Zoom setting ZS ZR, ZP, ZN, ZA
Restore stored Zoom setting ZR ZS, ZP, ZN, ZA
Go to previous Zoom level ZP ZN, ZS, ZR, ZA
Go to next Zoom level ZN ZP, ZS, ZR, ZA
Toggle Share Last Axis Across Display LA GS, CH, PC
Cycle Peak Labelling PL PS
Cycle Peak Symbols PS PL
Set Contour Levels CO
Project :
New project Ctrl/Cmd+N
Open project Ctrl/Cmd+O
Load Data LD
Save Ctrl/Cmd+S
Save as SA
Import Nef File IN
Export Nef File EX
Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Y
Preferences Ctrl/Cmd+,
Quit Ctrl/Cmd+Q
Spectrum :
Load Spectrum LS
Set Experiment Types ET
Pick 1D Peaks P1 PP
Pick ND Peaks PP P1
Copy PeakList CL CP
Copy Peaks CP CL
Make Projection PJ
Print to File Ctrl/Cmd+P
Molecules :
Residue information RI
Reference Chemical Shifts RC
Assign :
Set up NmrResidues SN
Pick and assign PA
Backbone assignment BB
Peak Assigner AP
NmrAtom Assigner AN
Assignment Inspector AI
View :
NmrAtom Chemical Shift Table CT
NmrResidue Table NT
Peak Table PT
Integral Table IT
Restraint Table RT
Structure Table ST
Sequence Graph SG
Chemical Shift Mapping CM
Notes Table NO
Python Console Space-Space
For current strip
Show/Hide Toolbar TB SB
Show/Hide Spectrum Toolbar SB TB
Show/Hide Phasing Console PC PV, PT, TR
Move to Next Spectrum (and Hide Current) TabTab
Move to Previous Spectrum (and Hide Current) TabQ
Toggle all Spectra on Current Display TabA
Store Zoom ZS ZI, ZO, ZR, ZA
Restore Zoom ZR ZI, ZO, ZS, ZA
Copy display with X-Y Axes Flipped XY XZ, YZ
Copy display with X-Z Axes Flipped XZ XY, YZ
Copy display with Y-Z Axes Flipped YZ XY, XZ
Estimate Noise EN
Move up a z-plane ZZ XX
Move down a z-plane XX ZZ
Raise contour level QQ WW
Lower contour level WW QQ
Macro :
Define User Shortcuts DU
Reserved for user macros Q0, Q1, …Q9
Reserved for user macros W0, W1, …W9
Reserved for user macros Y0, Y1, …Y9