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Command Line Installation on Mac or Linux


You can download the software from our website at

which should always provide you with the most recent version.

Using the tabs, locate either the Mac or Linux download files.

Installation using the command line

Once you have downloaded the program, unpack it in a directory of your choice (in this case it is ~/Programs). There are numerous ways to do this. One of them would be something like the following:

cd ~/Programs
mv ~/Downloads/ .

or you can do all of this in a file browser.

The unpacking may take a minute or two. Once it is finished you should have a directory called something like ccpnmr3.1.0 (depending on the exact version you have downloaded).

Starting the program

The executable files are located in the ccpnmr3.1.0/bin directory, so you can start the program with something like the following:

cd ccpnmr3.1.0/bin

Depending on what shell you are using, you could set up an alias in your .cshrc file with the line

alias assign '~/Programs/ccpnmr3.1.0/bin/assign'

or in your .bashrc file with the line

alias assign='~/Programs/ccpnmr3.1.0/bin/assign'

Remember these will only become active if you source your .cshrc/.bashrc file or open new terminal window. Then you can start CcpNmr AnalysisAssign simply by typing


at any point in a terminal.

You should now make sure that you Install Updates.

Structure, Screen and Metbolomics

If you would like to use the Structure, Screen or Metabolomics programs, then you will need to start the program with one of the following commands:


The bin directory also contains the executables chemBuild which will start the ChemBuild program, update which will apply the latest updates from our server without actually opening the program itself and analysisassign, analysismetabolomics, analysisscreen and analysisstructure which may be useful for those people who find that they have name clashes with other programs called assign, screen or structure.