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Importing V2 Projects

Importing V2 Projects

CcpNmr Analysis V2 projects are converted to V3 on the fly. This means that you can simply drag and drop a version 2 project folder from your computer's file browser into V3 of Analysis and it will open automatically. Alternatively, go to File / Open ... and select the V2 project folder you wish to open. For larger projects you might have to wait a minute or two for the process to complete, but no manual intervention should be necessary.

All the data from the V2 project is accessible from the sidebar. Spectrum contour levels and colours are not preserved and neither are the V2 'Windows', since the whole window management philosophy has changed between V2 and V3. Have a look at our Customise Spectrum Display and Working with Modules sections to find out more about setting up your windows as you would like. What had been Resonances in Version 2 has now become NmrAtoms, NmrResidues and NmrChains in Version 3. See our NmrResidues tutorial for more information on these.

Once your project is imported, Version 3 will create a directory of the format ProjectName.ccpn in which the new V3 project is saved. All V3 project directories now end in .ccpn.

V2 Projects with Labelling Schemes

If your V2 project uses labelling schemes, then you will not be able to open the project directly, but will have to do a small work-around described in this video.

V2 Projects with Contour Files

If your V2 project includes Contour Files, then you may find that it won't open correct and will return an error (this is on our bug list and will hopefully be fixed soon). If this is the case, simply remove the contour files from our V2 project and then try again.