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Forum Usage

Forum Usage

The new CCPN forum is divided into a total of 8 different categories: What's New, CcpNmr Analysis V3, CcpNmr Analysis V2, ChemBuild, NMR Exchange Format (NEF), V3 Macros, Developers and Community. You can post to any of these except to What’s new which is only for updates from the CCPN team.

Reading Posts

Click directly on one of the latest topics at the top or More Topics to see a full list. Click on a topic to view the posts, now presented in a new seamless view. Anyone can read posts but to reply you must set up an account and log in.


You can use the Search button at the top to search for words or phrases of your choice, or click on the Advanced search button to enable more filters.

Writing Posts

Once you have logged in, you can start posting. Click on one of the Reply buttons to reply to a topic, or click on New Topic, to start a new one. Give your topic a title, select a Category and optionally select some Tags. As well as using text, you can use html and markdown to format your text. If you want to add code, click on the Code button and paste it in between the triple quotes. You will see how to it will become formatted in the preview box on the right. You can also drag in images (and edit them slightly) and any links that you post will show up with a little preview.

Further Actions and Options

When you are logged in, you can also Share, Bookmark and Flag topics and modify your Notifications for that topic.

If you click on your avatar in the top right hand corner, you can see Notifications, Bookmarks, Messages, and a User Menu which includes the Preferences of which there are many for you to explore and set.

To log out, click on your Avatar (top right corner), then the User Icon and then Log Out.