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Forum Registration

Forum Registration

We felt it would be helpful to keep queries about CcpNmr Analysis V2 and V3 separate. But rather than creating a new JISC e-mail list, we have set up a Forum for V3 queries.

You can register very quickly and easily by clicking on Register and you can select to stay logged in, so you don't have to keep entering your password (or store the password in your browser/password manager system).

If you would like the forum essentially to function like an e-mail list, then make sure you select Instant e-mail notification as your Default Thread Subscription Mode and Subrscribe to all new threads and posts under Automatic subscriptions during the registration process (you can also do this later if you forget - go to User CP and select Edit Options in the Your Profile section of the left-hand menu). This way you will receive an e-mail each time a new thread is posted. If you ignore the e-mail you won't receive anything more on that thread. If you do go and have a look at the thread and any replies, you will be e-mailed all future replies on that thread.

Once you have confirmed your e-mail address your registration will need to be activated by a member of the CCPN team and then you can start a new thread or post replies. When posting something, we recommend you select Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies to make sure you stay informed of any further replies.