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Login to the VirtualBox - EKATERINA BURAKOVA - 04-15-2020

I want to run Analysis 3 on my Windows computer. I installed and configured Virtual Box with extensions and managed to launch it. However, it requires me to log in to the CentOs system as "CCPNMR Group" - with a password!
I downloaded Analysis v3 distribution from the general webpage.
How do I run the program from Virtual Box?

RE: Login to the VirtualBox - VickyH - 04-15-2020

Hi Ekaterina,

you should be able to log into the VM with ccpn as the password.

If you like I will also send you a link to a native Windows build which you could try. We are still ironing out the last few bugs before releasing this properly, but if you would like to test this for us that would be great (access to Windows machines is a bit difficult for us at the moment, so it isn't so easy for us to test).



RE: Login to the VirtualBox - EKATERINA BURAKOVA - 04-15-2020

Dear Vicky,

Thanks a lot, that worked!
I would be glad to help you with testing.