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Change numbering in Chain/Sequence - domarin - 02-20-2020


When you create a chain in the program, you are able to add the molecule name, type, sequence, and the number that the sequence begins at. Once you have created the numbering, is there a way to go back and change this information?  For example, I create a protein to start at number 1 in the sequence. After a while, I need to fix the number so that the protein begins at number 20, not number 1. Just wondering if this edit is available in V3.

Thank you!


RE: Change numbering in Chain/Sequence - LucaM - 02-20-2020

Hi Domarin, We will add shortly a module to edit the chain. Meanwhile, do you need rename only one residue or "shift" the whole chain, with a new starting number?

To re-number the whole chain:
use chain.renumberResidues(offset, start, stop)
Assuming you have one chain in your project,
if your chain starts at 1 and finishes at 100 and you want restart from 20:
On the python console:
chain = project.chains[0]

to rename only one residue:
r = project.getByPid('MR:A.12.ALA')

I hope it helps.