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ChemComps back on Github - LucaM - 04-26-2019

The CcpNmr-ChemComps are now available for download from GitHub.

RE: ChemComps back on Github - bosmith - 05-09-2019

That's great news - for analysis v2 is it possible to simply replace the ccpforge URL in ccp/general/

ccpForgeUrl = ""

with the github one to reference the new repository, or is more refactoring required? I suspect github doesn't need the "checkout" etc. the forge did.

I've updated

to point to the new repository. While checking this, I was surprised to find that the EBI page is actually live, although not advertised on the NMR Resources page.

RE: ChemComps back on Github - ejb - 05-15-2019

Hi Brian,
Yes, it wasn't too difficult to change.
I am also in the process of removing the certificate errors, and making a patch.