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CcpNMR 2.5.1 slow performance - Tejaswini - 01-26-2021

Dear CcpNMR team,

I am using mac with OS catalina and I am using 2.5.1 version now and it has very slow response. The performance is much slower than 2.4 version.

Is there any way to make it run little fast ?

Thanks !

RE: CcpNMR 2.5.1 slow performance - VickyH - 01-26-2021


I'm afraid there is very little we can do about that (and I think others have found this, too). The code for 2.4 and 2.5 is almost identical (apart from the fact that 2.5 has some code allowing it to load NEF files). The only real difference between the two is the packaging of the python/Tk environment which we don't have much control over.

Best wishes,

RE: CcpNMR 2.5.1 slow performance - Plata_M - 07-11-2021


I'm using v.2.5.2 on macOS Catalina. Most of the functions work well, however it falls off for graphical processing (e.g. for overlaid multiple spectra or spectra at low contour level). It becomes very difficult to even scroll through the spectra.
There's some functions I prefer to use in v.2 so I'd be glad if you could advise me how to fix this rather than refer me to v.3.


RE: CcpNMR 2.5.1 slow performance - VickyH - 07-12-2021

Hi Marek,

I'm finding that V2.4 works fine on Catalina and doesn't have the speed issues you describe for 2.5 (which I am now able to replicate), so I would suggest you use that. The only real reason to have to move to 2.5 would be if you wanted to load a V3 project using a NEF file. But even then, you could load the project into 2.5, save it as a V2 project and then open it in V2.4.

Best wishes,

RE: CcpNMR 2.5.1 slow performance - Plata_M - 07-12-2021

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for the quick reply. I also have v.2.4 installed, however I could never open it on Catalina, it worked fine on Mojave. On Catalina I get the following X11 Library error and I could not fix this with any advice I found online:
Library not loaded: /usr/X11/lib/libX11.6.dylib
Maybe you'd have an idea how to address this?