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# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - $Date: 2016-07-18 11:42:07 +0100 (Mon, 18 Jul 2016) $"
__credits__ = "Wayne Boucher, Rasmus H Fogh, Simon P Skinner, Geerten W Vuister"
__license__ = ("CCPN license. See"
              "or ccpnmodel.ccpncore.memops.Credits.CcpnLicense for license text")
__reference__ = ("For publications, please use reference from"
                " or ccpnmodel.ccpncore.memops.Credits.CcpNmrReference")

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__date__ = "$Date: 2016-07-18 11:42:07 +0100 (Mon, 18 Jul 2016) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 9696 $"

# Start of code
import itertools
import collections
import operator

from ccpn.util import Undo
from ccpn.core._implementation.AbstractWrapperObject import AbstractWrapperObject
from ccpn.core.Project import Project
from ccpn.core.SpectrumReference import SpectrumReference
from ccpn.core.PeakList import PeakList
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.api.ccp.nmr import Nmr
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.lib import Util as modelUtil
from typing import Optional, Tuple, Union, Sequence

[docs]class Peak(AbstractWrapperObject): """Peak object, holding position, intensity, and assignment information Measurements that require more than one NmrAtom for an individual assignment (such as splittings, J-couplings, MQ dimensions, reduced-dimensionality experiments etc.) are not supported (yet). Assignments can be viewed and set either as a list of assignments for each dimension (dimensionNmrAtoms) or as a list of all possible assignment combinations (assignedNmrAtoms)""" #: Short class name, for PID. shortClassName = 'PK' # Attribute it necessary as subclasses must use superclass className className = 'Peak' _parentClass = PeakList #: Name of plural link to instances of class _pluralLinkName = 'peaks' #: List of child classes. _childClasses = [] # Qualified name of matching API class _apiClassQualifiedName = Nmr.Peak._metaclass.qualifiedName() # CCPN properties @property def _apiPeak(self) -> Nmr.Peak: """ API peaks matching Peak""" return self._wrappedData @property def _key(self) -> str: """id string - serial number converted to string""" return str(self._wrappedData.serial) @property def serial(self) -> int: """serial number of Peak, used in Pid and to identify the Peak. """ return self._wrappedData.serial @property def _parent(self) -> PeakList: """PeakList containing Peak.""" return self._project._data2Obj[self._wrappedData.peakList] peakList = _parent @property def height(self) -> Optional[float]: """height of Peak""" return self._wrappedData.height @height.setter def height(self, value:float): self._wrappedData.height = value @property def heightError(self) -> Optional[float]: """height error of Peak""" return self._wrappedData.heightError @heightError.setter def heightError(self, value:float): self._wrappedData.heightError = value @property def volume(self) -> Optional[float]: """volume of Peak""" return self._wrappedData.volume @volume.setter def volume(self, value:float): self._wrappedData.volume = value @property def volumeError(self) -> Optional[float]: """volume error of Peak""" return self._wrappedData.volumeError @volumeError.setter def volumeError(self, value:float): self._wrappedData.volumeError = value @property def figureOfMerit(self) -> Optional[float]: """figureOfMerit of Peak, between 0.0 and 1.0 inclusive.""" return self._wrappedData.figOfMerit @figureOfMerit.setter def figureOfMerit(self, value:float): self._wrappedData.figOfMerit = value @property def annotation(self) -> Optional[str]: """Peak text annotation""" return self._wrappedData.annotation @annotation.setter def annotation(self, value:str): self._wrappedData.annotation = value @property def comment(self) -> Optional[str]: """Free-form text comment""" return self._wrappedData.details @comment.setter def comment(self, value:str): self._wrappedData.details = value @property def axisCodes(self) -> Tuple[str, ...]: """Spectrum axis codes in dimension order matching position.""" return self.peakList.spectrum.axisCodes @property def position(self) -> Tuple[float, ...]: """Peak position in ppm (or other relevant unit) in dimension order.""" return tuple(x.value for x in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()) @position.setter def position(self,value:Sequence): for ii,peakDim in enumerate(self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()): peakDim.value = value[ii] peakDim.realValue = None @property def positionError(self) -> Tuple[Optional[float], ...]: """Peak position error in ppm (or other relevant unit).""" return tuple(x.valueError for x in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()) @positionError.setter def positionError(self,value:Sequence): for ii,peakDim in enumerate(self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()): peakDim.valueError = value[ii] @property def pointPosition(self) -> Tuple[float, ...]: """Peak position in points.""" return tuple(x.position for x in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()) @pointPosition.setter def pointPosition(self,value:Sequence): for ii,peakDim in enumerate(self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()): peakDim.position = value[ii] @property def boxWidths(self) -> Tuple[Optional[float], ...]: """The full width of the peak footprint in points for eqach dimension, i.e. the width of the area that should be considered for integration, fitting, etc. .""" return tuple(x.boxWidth for x in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()) @boxWidths.setter def boxWidths(self,value:Sequence): for ii,peakDim in enumerate(self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()): peakDim.boxWidth = value[ii] @property def lineWidths(self) -> Tuple[Optional[float], ...]: """Full-width-half-height of peak/multiplet for each dimension, in Hz. """ return tuple(x.lineWidth for x in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()) @lineWidths.setter def lineWidths(self,value:Sequence): for ii,peakDim in enumerate(self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims()): peakDim.lineWidth = value[ii] @property def dimensionNmrAtoms(self) -> Tuple[Tuple['NmrAtom', ...], ...]: """Peak dimension assignment - a tuple of tuples with the assigned NmrAtoms for each dimension. One of two alternative views on the Peak assignment. Example, for a 13C HSQC: ((<NA:A.127.LEU.HA>, <NA:A.127.LEU.HBX>, <NA:A.127.LEU.HBY>, <NA:A.127.LEU.HG>, (<NA:A.127.LEU.CA>, <NA:A.127.LEU.CB>) ) Assignments as a list of individual combinations is given in 'assignedNmrAtoms'. Note that by setting dimensionAssignments you tel the program that all combinations are possible - in the example that all four protons could be bound to either of the carbons To (re)set the assignment for a single dimension, use the Peak.assignDimension method. """ result = [] for peakDim in self._wrappedData.sortedPeakDims(): mainPeakDimContribs = peakDim.mainPeakDimContribs # Done this way as a quick way of sorting the values mainPeakDimContribs = [x for x in peakDim.sortedPeakDimContribs() if x in mainPeakDimContribs] data2Obj = self._project._data2Obj dimResults = [data2Obj[pdc.resonance] for pdc in mainPeakDimContribs if hasattr(pdc, 'resonance')] result.append(sorted(dimResults)) # return tuple(result) @dimensionNmrAtoms.setter def dimensionNmrAtoms(self, value:Sequence): apiPeak = self._wrappedData dimResonances = [] for atoms in value: if atoms is None: dimResonances.append(None) else: if isinstance(atoms, str): raise ValueError("dimensionNmrAtoms cannot be set to a sequence of strings") if not isinstance(atoms, Sequence): raise ValueError("dimensionNmrAtoms must be set to a sequence of list/tuples") atoms = tuple(self.getByPid(x) if isinstance(x, str) else x for x in atoms) dimResonances.append(tuple(x._wrappedData for x in atoms if x is not None)) apiPeak.assignByDimensions(dimResonances) @property def assignedNmrAtoms(self) -> Tuple[Tuple[Optional['NmrAtom'], ...], ...]: """Peak assignment - a tuple of tuples of NmrAtom combinations. (e.g. a tuple of triplets for a 3D spectrum). One of two alternative views on the Peak assignment. Missing assignments are entered as None. Example, for 13H HSQC:: ((<NA:A.127.LEU.HA>, <NA:A.127.LEU.CA>), (<NA:A.127.LEU.HBX>, <NA:A.127.LEU.CB>), (<NA:A.127.LEU.HBY>, <NA:A.127.LEU.CB>), (<NA:A.127.LEU.HG>, None),) To add a single assignment tuple, use the Peak.addAssignment method See also dimensionNmrAtoms, which gives assignments per dimension. """ data2Obj = self._project._data2Obj apiPeak = self._wrappedData peakDims = apiPeak.sortedPeakDims() mainPeakDimContribs = [sorted(x.mainPeakDimContribs, key=operator.attrgetter('serial')) for x in peakDims] result = [] for peakContrib in apiPeak.sortedPeakContribs(): allAtoms = [] peakDimContribs = peakContrib.peakDimContribs for ii,peakDim in enumerate(peakDims): nmrAtoms = [data2Obj.get(x.resonance) for x in mainPeakDimContribs[ii] if x in peakDimContribs and hasattr(x, 'resonance')] if not nmrAtoms: nmrAtoms = [None] allAtoms.append(nmrAtoms) # NB this gives a lit of tuples result += itertools.product(*allAtoms) # return tuple(sorted(result)) @assignedNmrAtoms.setter def assignedNmrAtoms(self, value:Sequence): apiPeak = self._wrappedData peakDims = apiPeak.sortedPeakDims() dimensionCount = len(peakDims) # get resonance, all tuples and per dimension resonances = [] for tt in value: ll = dimensionCount*[None] resonances.append(ll) for ii, atom in enumerate(tt): atom = self.getByPid(atom) if isinstance(atom, str) else atom if atom is not None: ll[ii] = atom._wrappedData # set assignments apiPeak.assignByContributions(resonances)
[docs] def addAssignment(self, value:Sequence[Union[str, 'NmrAtom']]): """Add a peak assignment - a list of one NmrAtom or Pid for each dimension""" if len(value) != self.peakList.spectrum.dimensionCount: raise ValueError("Length of assignment value %s does not match peak dimensionality %s " % (value, self.peakList.spectrum.dimensionCount)) # Convert to tuple and check for non-existing pids ll = [] for val in value: if isinstance(val, str): vv = self.getByPid(val) if vv is None: raise ValueError("No NmrAtom matching string pid %s" % val) else: ll .append(vv) else: ll .append(val) value = tuple(value) assignedNmrAtoms = list(self.assignedNmrAtoms) if value in assignedNmrAtoms: self._project._logger.warning("Attempt to add already existing Peak Assignment: %s - ignored" % value) else: assignedNmrAtoms.append(value) self.assignedNmrAtoms = assignedNmrAtoms
[docs] def assignDimension(self, axisCode:str, value:Union[Union[str,'NmrAtom'], Sequence[Union[str,'NmrAtom']]]=None): """Assign dimension with axisCode to value (NmrAtom, or Pid or sequence of either, or None) """ axisCodes = self._parent._parent.axisCodes try: index = axisCodes.index(axisCode) except ValueError: raise ValueError("axisCode %s not recognised" % axisCode) if value is None: value = [] elif isinstance(value, str): value = [self.getByPid(value)] elif isinstance(value, Sequence): value = [(self.getByPid(x) if isinstance(x, str) else x) for x in value] else: value = [value] dimensionNmrAtoms = list(self.dimensionNmrAtoms) dimensionNmrAtoms[index] = value self.dimensionNmrAtoms = dimensionNmrAtoms
# Implementation functions @classmethod def _getAllWrappedData(cls, parent: PeakList)-> Tuple[Nmr.Peak, ...]: """get wrappedData (Peaks) for all Peak children of parent PeakList""" return parent._wrappedData.sortedPeaks()
# Connections to parents: def _newPeak(self:PeakList,height:float=None, volume:float=None, heightError:float=None, volumeError:float=None, figureOfMerit:float=1.0, annotation:str=None, comment:str=None, position:Sequence[float]=(), positionError:Sequence[float]=(), pointPosition:Sequence[float]=(), serial:int=None) -> Peak: """Create new Peak within peakList NB you must create the peak before you can assign it. The assignment attributes are: - assignedNmrAtoms - A tuple of all (e.g.) assignment triplets for a 3D spectrum - dimensionNmrAtoms - A tuple of tuples of assignments, one for each dimension See the Peak class for details""" defaults = collections.OrderedDict( (('height', None), ('volume', None), ('heightError', None), ('volumeError', None), ('figureOfMerit', 1.0), ('annotation', None), ('comment', None), ('position', ()), ('positionError', ()),('pointPosition', ()), ('serial', None), ) ) undo = self._project._undo self._startFunctionCommandBlock('newPeak', values=locals(), defaults=defaults, parName='newPeak') self._project.blankNotification() undo.increaseBlocking() try: apiPeakList = self._apiPeakList apiPeak = apiPeakList.newPeak(height=height, volume=volume, heightError=heightError, volumeError=volumeError, figOfMerit=figureOfMerit, annotation=annotation, details=comment) result = self._project._data2Obj.get(apiPeak) if serial is not None: try: modelUtil.resetSerial(apiPeak, serial, 'peaks') except ValueError: self.project._logger.warning("Could not reset serial of %s to %s - keeping original value" %(result, serial)) # set peak position # NBNB TBD currently unused parameters could be added, and will have to come in here as well apiPeakDims = apiPeak.sortedPeakDims() if position: for ii,peakDim in enumerate(apiPeakDims): peakDim.value = position[ii] elif pointPosition: for ii,peakDim in enumerate(apiPeakDims): peakDim.position = pointPosition[ii] if positionError: for ii,peakDim in enumerate(apiPeakDims): peakDim.valueError = positionError[ii] finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock() self._project.unblankNotification() undo.decreaseBlocking() apiObjectsCreated = [apiPeak] apiObjectsCreated.extend(apiPeakDims) undo.newItem(Undo._deleteAllApiObjects, apiPeak.root._unDelete, undoArgs=(apiObjectsCreated,), redoArgs=(apiObjectsCreated, (apiPeak.topObject,))) # DO creation notifications if serial is not None: result._finaliseAction('rename') result._finaliseAction('create') return result PeakList.newPeak = _newPeak del _newPeak # Additional Notifiers: # # NB These API notifiers will be called for API peaks - which match both Peaks and Integrals className = Nmr.PeakDim._metaclass.qualifiedName() Project._apiNotifiers.append( ('_notifyRelatedApiObject', {'pathToObject':'peak', 'action':'change'}, className, ''), ) for clazz in Nmr.AbstractPeakDimContrib._metaclass.getNonAbstractSubtypes(): className = clazz.qualifiedName() # NB - relies on PeakDimContrib.peakDim.peak still working for deleted peak. Should work. Project._apiNotifiers.extend( ( ('_notifyRelatedApiObject', {'pathToObject':'peakDim.peak', 'action':'change'}, className, 'postInit'), ('_notifyRelatedApiObject', {'pathToObject':'peakDim.peak', 'action':'change'}, className, 'delete'), ) ) # Notify Peaks change when SpectrumReference changes # (That means DataDimRef referencing information) SpectrumReference._setupCoreNotifier('change', AbstractWrapperObject._finaliseRelatedObject, {'pathToObject':'spectrum.peaks', 'action':'change'})