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# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - $Date: 2016-08-05 11:02:08 +0100 (Fri, 05 Aug 2016) $"
__credits__ = "Wayne Boucher, Rasmus H Fogh, Simon P Skinner, Geerten W Vuister"
__license__ = ("CCPN license. See"
              "or ccpnmodel.ccpncore.memops.Credits.CcpnLicense for license text")
__reference__ = ("For publications, please use reference from"
                " or ccpnmodel.ccpncore.memops.Credits.CcpNmrReference")

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__date__ = "$Date: 2016-08-05 11:02:08 +0100 (Fri, 05 Aug 2016) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 9763 $"

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import collections
import operator
from typing import Union, Tuple

from ccpn.core.Atom import Atom
from ccpn.core.NmrResidue import NmrResidue
from ccpn.core.Peak import Peak
from ccpn.core.Project import Project
from ccpn.core._implementation.AbstractWrapperObject import AbstractWrapperObject
from ccpn.core.lib import Pid
from ccpn.core.lib.Util import AtomIdTuple
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.api.ccp.nmr import Nmr
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.lib import Constants
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.lib import Util as modelUtil
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.lib.spectrum.Spectrum import name2IsotopeCode

[docs]class NmrAtom(AbstractWrapperObject): """NmrAtom objects are used for assignment. An NmrAtom within an assigned NmrResidue is by definition assigned to the Atom with the same name (if any). NmrAtoms serve as a way of connecting a named nucleus to an observed chemical shift, and peaks are assigned to NmrAtoms. Renaming an NmrAtom (or its containing NmrResidue or NmrChain) automatically updates peak assignments and ChemicalShifts that use the NmrAtom, preserving the link. NmrAtom names must start with the atom type, ('H' for proton, 'D' for deuterium, 'C' for carbon, etc.), with '?' for 'unknown.""" #: Short class name, for PID. shortClassName = 'NA' # Attribute it necessary as subclasses must use superclass className className = 'NmrAtom' _parentClass = NmrResidue #: Name of plural link to instances of class _pluralLinkName = 'nmrAtoms' #: List of child classes. _childClasses = [] # Qualified name of matching API class _apiClassQualifiedName = Nmr.Resonance._metaclass.qualifiedName() # CCPN properties @property def _apiResonance(self) -> Nmr.Resonance: """ CCPN atom matching Atom""" return self._wrappedData @property def _parent(self) -> NmrResidue: """Parent (containing) object.""" return self._project._data2Obj[self._wrappedData.resonanceGroup] nmrResidue = _parent @property def _key(self) -> str: """Atom name string (e.g. 'HA') regularised as used for ID""" return @property def _idTuple(self) -> AtomIdTuple: """ID as chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType, atomName namedtuple NB Unlike the _id and key, these do NOT have reserved characters mapped to '^' NB _idTuple replaces empty strings with None""" parent = self._parent ll = [parent._parent.shortName, parent.sequenceCode, parent.residueType,] return AtomIdTuple(*(x or None for x in ll)) @property def name(self) -> str: """Atom name string (e.g. 'HA')""" return @property def serial(self) -> int: """NmrAtom serial number - set at creation and unchangeable""" return self._wrappedData.serial @property def atom(self) -> Atom: """Atom to which NmrAtom is assigned. NB resetting the atom will rename the NmrAtom""" atom = self._wrappedData.atom return None if atom is None else self._project._data2Obj.get(atom) @atom.setter def atom(self, value:Atom): if value is None: self.deassign() else: self._wrappedData.atom = value._wrappedData @property def isotopeCode(self) -> str: """isotopeCode of NmrAtom. Set automatically on creation (from NmrAtom name) and cannot be changed later""" return self._wrappedData.isotopeCode @property def boundNmrAtoms(self) -> 'NmrAtom': """NmrAtoms directly bound to this one, as calculated from assignment and NmrAtom name matches (NOT from peak assignment)""" getDataObj = self._project._data2Obj.get ll = self._wrappedData.getBoundResonances() result = [getDataObj(x) for x in ll] nmrResidue = self.nmrResidue if nmrResidue.residue is None: # NmrResidue is unassigned. Add ad-hoc protein interresidue bonds if == 'N': for rx in (nmrResidue.previousNmrResidue, nmrResidue.getOffsetNmrResidue(-1)): if rx is not None: na = rx.getNmrAtom('C') if na is not None: result.append(na) elif == 'C': for rx in (nmrResidue.nextNmrResidue, nmrResidue.getOffsetNmrResidue(1)): if rx is not None: na = rx.getNmrAtom('N') if na is not None: result.append(na) # return result @property def assignedPeaks(self) -> Tuple[Peak]: """All Peaks assigned to the NmrAtom""" apiResonance = self._wrappedData apiPeaks = [x.peakDim.peak for x in apiResonance.peakDimContribs] apiPeaks.extend([x.peakDim.peak for x in apiResonance.peakDimContribNs]) data2Obj = self._project._data2Obj return sorted(data2Obj[x] for x in set(apiPeaks))
[docs] def rename(self, value:str=None): """Rename the NmrAtom, changing ita name, Pid, and internal representation.""" # NBNB TODO change so you can set names of teh form '@123' (?) # NB This is a VERY special case # - API code and notifiers will take care of resetting id and Pid self._startFunctionCommandBlock('rename', value) try: if value is None: self.deassign() else: if Pid.altCharacter in value: raise ValueError("Character %s not allowed in" % Pid.altCharacter) isotopeCode = self._wrappedData.isotopeCode newIsotopeCode = name2IsotopeCode(value) if newIsotopeCode is not None: if isotopeCode == '?': self._wrappedData.isotopeCode = newIsotopeCode elif newIsotopeCode != isotopeCode: raise ValueError("Cannot rename %s type NmrAtom to %s" % (isotopeCode, value)) # = value finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock()
[docs] def deassign(self): """Reset NmrAtom back to its originalName, cutting all assignment links""" self._startFunctionCommandBlock('deassign') try: = None finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock()
[docs] def assignTo(self, chainCode:str=None, sequenceCode:Union[int,str]=None, residueType:str=None, name:str=None, mergeToExisting=False) -> 'NmrAtom': """Assign NmrAtom to naming parameters) and return the reassigned result If the assignedTo NmrAtom already exists the function raises ValueError. If mergeToExisting is True it instead merges the current NmrAtom into the target and returns the merged target. NB Merging is NOT undoable WARNING: is mergeToExisting is True, always use in the form "x = x.assignTo(...)", as the call 'x.assignTo(...) may cause the source x object to be deleted. Passing in empty parameters (e.g. chainCode=None) leaves the current value unchanged. E.g.: for NmrAtom NR:A.121.ALA.HA calling with sequenceCode=124 will assign to (chainCode='A', sequenceCode=124, residueType='ALA', atomName='HA') The function works as: nmrChain = project.fetchNmrChain(shortName=chainCode) nmrResidue = nmrChain.fetchNmrResidue(sequenceCode=sequenceCode, residueType=residueType) (or nmrChain.fetchNmrResidue(sequenceCode=sequenceCode) if residueType is None) """ # Get parameter string for console echo - before parameters are changed defaults = collections.OrderedDict( (('chainCode', None), ('sequenceCode', None), ('residueType', None), ('name', None), ('mergeToExisting', False) ) ) oldPid = self.longPid clearUndo = False undo = self._apiResonance.root._undo apiResonance = self._apiResonance apiResonanceGroup = apiResonance.resonanceGroup self._startFunctionCommandBlock('assignTo', values=locals(), defaults=defaults) try: if sequenceCode is not None: sequenceCode = str(sequenceCode) or None # set missing parameters to existing values chainCode = chainCode or apiResonanceGroup.nmrChain.code sequenceCode = sequenceCode or apiResonanceGroup.sequenceCode residueType = residueType or apiResonanceGroup.residueType name = name or for ss in chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType, name: if ss and Pid.altCharacter in ss: raise ValueError("Character %s not allowed in ccpn.NmrAtom id : %s.%s.%s.%s" % (Pid.altCharacter, chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType, name)) oldNmrResidue = self.nmrResidue nmrChain = self._project.fetchNmrChain(chainCode) if residueType: nmrResidue = nmrChain.fetchNmrResidue(sequenceCode, residueType) else: nmrResidue = nmrChain.fetchNmrResidue(sequenceCode) if name: # result is matching NmrAtom, or (if None) self result = nmrResidue.getNmrAtom(name) or self else: # No NmrAtom can match, result is self result = self if nmrResidue is oldNmrResidue: if name != # NB can never be returned as None if result is self: = name or None elif mergeToExisting: clearUndo = True result._wrappedData.absorbResonance(self._apiResonance) self._project._logger.warning("Merging (1) %s into %s. Merging is NOT undoable." % (oldPid, result.longPid)) else: raise ValueError("New assignment clash with existing assignment," " and merging is disallowed") else: if result is self: if nmrResidue.getNmrAtom( is None: self._apiResonance.resonanceGroup = nmrResidue._apiResonanceGroup if name != = name or None elif name is None or oldNmrResidue.getNmrAtom(name) is None: if name != = name or None self._apiResonance.resonanceGroup = nmrResidue._apiResonanceGroup else: = None # Necessary to avoid name clashes self._apiResonance.resonanceGroup = nmrResidue._apiResonanceGroup = name elif mergeToExisting: # WARNING if we get here undo is no longer possible clearUndo = True result._wrappedData.absorbResonance(self._apiResonance) self._project._logger.warning("Merging (2) %s into %s. Merging is NOT undoable." % (oldPid, result.longPid)) else: raise ValueError("New assignment clash with existing assignment," " and merging is disallowed") # if undo is not None and clearUndo: undo.clear() finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock() # return result
# Implementation functions @classmethod def _getAllWrappedData(cls, parent: NmrResidue)-> list: """get wrappedData (ApiResonance) for all NmrAtom children of parent NmrResidue""" return sorted(parent._wrappedData.resonances, key=operator.attrgetter('name'))
def getter(self:Atom) -> NmrAtom: nmrResidue = self.residue.nmrResidue if nmrResidue is None: return None else: obj = nmrResidue._wrappedData.findFirstResonance( return None if obj is None else self._project._data2Obj.get(obj) def setter(self:Atom, value:NmrAtom): oldValue = self.nmrAtom if oldValue is value: return elif value is None: raise ValueError("Cannot set Atom.nmrAtom to None") elif oldValue is not None: raise ValueError("New assignment of Atom clashes with existing assignment") else: value.atom = self Atom.nmrAtom = property(getter, setter, None, "NmrAtom to which Atom is assigned") del getter del setter def _newNmrAtom(self:NmrResidue, name:str=None, isotopeCode:str=None) -> NmrAtom: """Create new NmrAtom within NmrResidue. If name is None, use default name (of form e.g. 'H@211', 'N@45', ...)""" nmrProject = self._project._wrappedData resonanceGroup = self._wrappedData defaults = collections.OrderedDict((('name', None), ('isotopeCode', None))) # Set isotopeCode if empty if not isotopeCode: if name: isotopeCode = name2IsotopeCode(name) or '?' else: isotopeCode = '?' # Deal with reserved names serial = None if name: # Check for name clashes previous = self.getNmrAtom(name.translate(Pid.remapSeparators)) if previous is not None: raise ValueError("%s already exists" % previous.longPid) # Deal with reserved names index = name.find('@') if index >= 0: try: serial = int(name[index+1:]) obj = nmrProject.findFirstResonance(serial=serial) except ValueError: obj = None if obj is not None: previous = self._project._data2Obj[obj] if '@' in # Two NmrAtoms both with same @serial. Error raise ValueError("Cannot create NmrAtom:%s.%s - reserved atom name clashes with %s" % (self._id, name, previous.longPid)) else: # We can renumber obj to free the serial for the new NmrAtom newSerial = obj.parent._serialDict['resonances'] + 1 try: modelUtil.resetSerial(obj, newSerial, 'resonances') except ValueError: self.project._logger.warning( "Could not reset serial of %s to %s - keeping original value" %(previous, serial) ) previous._finaliseAction('rename') dd = {'resonanceGroup':resonanceGroup, 'isotopeCode':isotopeCode} if serial is None: dd['name'] = name self._startFunctionCommandBlock('newNmrAtom', values=locals(), defaults=defaults, parName='newNmrAtom') result = None try: obj = nmrProject.newResonance(**dd) result = self._project._data2Obj.get(obj) if serial is not None: try: modelUtil.resetSerial(obj, serial, 'resonances') except ValueError: self.project._logger.warning( "Could not set (reserved) name of %s to %s - set to %s instead" %(result, name, result._finaliseAction('rename') finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock() # return result def _fetchNmrAtom(self:NmrResidue, name:str): """Fetch NmrAtom with name=name, creating it if necessary""" # resonanceGroup = self._wrappedData self._startFunctionCommandBlock('fetchNmrAtom', name, parName='newNmrAtom') try: self.getNmrAtom(name.translate(Pid.remapSeparators)) result = (self.getNmrAtom(name.translate(Pid.remapSeparators)) or self.newNmrAtom(name=name)) # result = (self._project._data2Obj.get(resonanceGroup.findFirstResonance(name=name)) or # self.newNmrAtom(name=name)) finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock() # return result def _produceNmrAtom(self:Project, atomId:str=None, chainCode:str=None, sequenceCode:Union[int,str]=None, residueType:str=None, name:str=None) -> NmrAtom: """get chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType and atomName from dot-separated atomId or Pid or explicit parameters, and find or create an NmrAtom that matches Empty chainCode gets NmrChain:@- ; empty sequenceCode get a new NmrResidue""" defaults = collections.OrderedDict((('atomId', None), ('chainCode', None), ('sequenceCode', None), ('residueType', None), ('name', None), )) self._startFunctionCommandBlock('_produceNmrAtom', values=locals(), defaults=defaults, parName='newNmrAtom') try: # Get ID parts to use if sequenceCode is not None: sequenceCode = str(sequenceCode) or None params = [chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType, name] if atomId: if any(params): raise ValueError("_produceNmrAtom: other parameters only allowed if atomId is None") else: # Remove colon prefix, if any atomId = atomId.split(Pid.PREFIXSEP, 1)[-1] for ii,val in enumerate(Pid.splitId(atomId)): if val: params[ii] = val chainCode, sequenceCode, residueType, name = params if name is None: raise ValueError("NmrAtom name must be set") elif Pid.altCharacter in name: raise ValueError("Character %s not allowed in" % Pid.altCharacter) # Produce chain nmrChain = self.fetchNmrChain(shortName=chainCode or Constants.defaultNmrChainCode) nmrResidue = nmrChain.fetchNmrResidue(sequenceCode=sequenceCode, residueType=residueType) result = nmrResidue.fetchNmrAtom(name) finally: self._project._appBase._endCommandBlock() return result # Connections to parents: NmrResidue.newNmrAtom = _newNmrAtom del _newNmrAtom NmrResidue.fetchNmrAtom = _fetchNmrAtom Project._produceNmrAtom = _produceNmrAtom # Notifiers: className = Nmr.Resonance._metaclass.qualifiedName() Project._apiNotifiers.extend( ( ('_finaliseApiRename', {}, className, 'setImplName'), ('_finaliseApiRename', {}, className, 'setResonanceGroup'), ) ) for clazz in Nmr.AbstractPeakDimContrib._metaclass.getNonAbstractSubtypes(): className = clazz.qualifiedName() Project._apiNotifiers.extend( ( ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames':('NmrAtom','Peak')}, className, 'create'), ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames':('NmrAtom','Peak')}, className, 'delete'), ) ) # NB Atom<->NmrAtom link depends solely on the NmrAtom name. # So no notifiers on the link - notify on the NmrAtom rename instead.