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European Projects


A worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and structural biology

The objective of WeNMR is to optimize and extend the use of the NMR and SAXS research infrastructures through the implementation of an e-infrastructure in order to provide the user community with a platform integrating and streamlining the computational approaches necessary for NMR and SAXS data analysis and structural modelling. Access to the e-NMR infrastructure is provided through a portal integrating commonly used software and GRID technology

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European Network of Research Infrastructures for providing Access and Technological Advancements in bio-NMR.

The EU-NMR project comprises a network of 5 research infrastructure sites across Europe for spectrometer access and experimental expertise, and 6 further partners involved in research and development of NMR methodology; CCPN is one of these partners. Consistent with the CCPN aim of creating a unified computational system that integrates a wide variety of NMR software, the project is currently generating interfaces to several EU-NMR partner programs: MARS & PALES (Zweckstetter), MECCANO & MODULE2 (Blackledge). Once integrated the use of such programs will be seamless from the CCPN graphical interfaces and/or CCPN data structures; i.e. not require the user to convert any file formats etc


Sequential assignment results from MARS viewed in CcpNmr Analysis.


Bring together software for macromolecular NMR into a single well-connected pipeline

For more information please visit the dedicated Extend-NMR pages.

CCPN is at the core of the Extend-NMR project that links software including: TopSpin™ (Bruker BioSpin GmbH), MDD (Orekhov), PRODECOMP (Billeter), Auremol (Kalbitzer), ARIA (Nilges), HADDOCK (Bonvin), ISD (Rieping & Nilges), CING (Vuister & Vriend), ECI & AutoDep (European Bioinformatics Institute/PDBe).

The Extend-NMR software pipeline