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Spectrum Decomposition

MDD, Prodecomp, and sparse spectrum storage

Shape Data Format

Reference description for XML format for storing shape-decomposed data. As agreed between the PRODECOMP group (Martin Billeter, Doroteya Staykova), the MDD group (Vladislav Orekhov, Victor Jaravine) and CCPN (Rasmus Fogh).

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Minutes of meeting between Vladislav Orekhov, Victor Jaradine, Rasmus Fogh and Wayne Boucher on sparse sampling and MDD, 26/3-28/3 2007

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Shape C Interface

A description of the C interface required for dealing with shape data in the CCPN API. Wayne Boucher 2007

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Meeting between Martin Billeter, Rasmus Fogh and Wayne Boucher on PRODECOMP-CCCPN integration

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