ccpn.framework.lib package

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ccpn.framework.lib.Plugin module

class ccpn.framework.lib.Plugin.NoUI[source]

Bases: object

class ccpn.framework.lib.Plugin.Plugin(application=None)[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

Plugin base class.

For Autogeneration of Gui: In order to genenerate a (crude) gui, you’ll need to populate the params and settings class variables.

First, make it an iterable:

params = []

Now, add variables in the order you want the input boxes to show up. Every variable is declared in a mapping (generally a dictionary) with two required keys:

‘variable’ : The keyward parameter that will be used when the function is called. ‘value’ : the possible values. See below.

In addition to the required keys, several optional keys can be used:

label : the label used. If this is left out, the variable name will be used instead. default : the default value stepsize : the stepsize for spinboxes. If you include this for non-spinboxes it will be ignored

The ‘value’ entry:

The type of widget generated is controled by the value of this entry, if the value is an iterable, the type of widget is controlled by the first item in the iterable strings are not considered iterables here.

value type : type of widget string : LineEdit boolean : Checkbox Iterable(strings) : PulldownList Iterable(int, int) : Spinbox Iterable(float, float) : DoubleSpinbox Iterable(Iterables(str, object)) : PulldownList where the object is passed instead of the string

abstract property PLUGINNAME

- None, immutable -

UiPlugin = False

Override this method to customize the UI auto-generation attributes

guiModule = None
property localInfo

- None, immutable -

property name

- None, immutable -

property package

- None, immutable -

params = None
classmethod register()[source]

method to register the pipe in the loaded pipes to appear in the pipeline


This is the method that automatically gets called for No-UI and Auto-generated UI plugins.

settings = None
version = ''
widgetsState = None

ccpn.framework.lib.SvnRevision module

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ccpn.framework.lib.misc module

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