Source code for ccpn.util.ListFromString

from typing import Union
from typing import Iterable

# THIS IS OBSOLETE AND SHOULD BE REMOVED (left here for comparison and to match with
SelectorInput = Union[int, float, str, Iterable[Union[int, float, str]]]

[docs]def listFromString(string:str) -> list: """ Convenience function to turn a string into a list of mixed str and int. Splits on ',', strips the resulting strings, and converts 'i-j' into range(int(i),int(j)+1) """ l = [e.strip() for e in string.split(',')] lst = [] for i in l: hyphenated = i.split('-') if len(hyphenated) == 1: lst += hyphenated elif len(hyphenated) == 2: lst += range(int(hyphenated[0]), int(hyphenated[1]) + 1) else: raise ValueError('bad selector specification') return lst