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# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - 2021"
__credits__ = ("Ed Brooksbank, Luca Mureddu, Timothy J Ragan & Geerten W Vuister")
__licence__ = ("CCPN licence. See")
__reference__ = ("Skinner, S.P., Fogh, R.H., Boucher, W., Ragan, T.J., Mureddu, L.G., & Vuister, G.W.",
                 "CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis",
                 "J.Biomol.Nmr (2016), 66, 111-124,")
# Last code modification
__modifiedBy__ = "$modifiedBy: Ed Brooksbank $"
__dateModified__ = "$dateModified: 2021-03-26 17:49:29 +0000 (Fri, March 26, 2021) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 3.0.3 $"
# Created
__author__ = "$Author: Geerten Vuister$"
__date__ = "$Date: 2017-04-07 10:28:41 +0000 (Fri, April 07, 2017) $"
# Start of code

from PyQt5 import QtWidgets, QtCore, QtGui
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Base import Base
from ccpn.util.Colour import rgbRatioToHex
from ccpn.ui.gui.lib.OpenGL.CcpnOpenGLDefs import BOTTOMAXIS


[docs]class ScrollArea(QtWidgets.QScrollArea, Base): def __init__(self, parent, scrollBarPolicies=('asNeeded', 'asNeeded'), setLayout=True, minimumSizes=(50, 50), scrollDirections=('horizontal', 'vertical'), **kwds): super().__init__(parent) # kwds['setLayout'] = True # A scrollable area always needs a layout to function Base._init(self, setLayout=setLayout, **kwds) self.setScrollBarPolicies(scrollBarPolicies) self.setMinimumSizes(minimumSizes) self._scrollDirections = scrollDirections self._minimumSizes = minimumSizes
[docs] def setMinimumSizes(self, minimumSizes): """Set (minimumWidth, minimumHeight) """ self.setMinimumWidth(minimumSizes[0]) self.setMinimumHeight(minimumSizes[1])
[docs] def setScrollBarPolicies(self, scrollBarPolicies=('asNeeded', 'asNeeded')): """Set the scrollbar policy: always, never, asNeeded """ hp = SCROLLBAR_POLICY_DICT.get(scrollBarPolicies[0]) vp = SCROLLBAR_POLICY_DICT.get(scrollBarPolicies[1]) self.setHorizontalScrollBarPolicy(hp) self.setVerticalScrollBarPolicy(vp)
[docs] def setWidget(self, widget): """Set the scroll area contents """ super(ScrollArea, self).setWidget(widget) self._scrollContents = widget
[docs] def resizeEvent(self, event: QtGui.QResizeEvent) -> None: super().resizeEvent(event) if None in self._scrollDirections or len(self._scrollDirections) != 2: widget = self.widget() if 'horizontal' not in self._scrollDirections: widget.setMaximumWidth(self.viewport().width()) if 'vertical' not in self._scrollDirections: widget.setMaximumHeight(self.viewport().height())
[docs]class SpectrumDisplayScrollArea(ScrollArea): """ Class to implement a scroll area containing a viewport with margins. The margins are defined to accommodate the axis widgets within the scroll bars """ def __init__(self, parent, scrollBarPolicies=('asNeeded', 'asNeeded'), setLayout=True, minimumSizes=(50, 50), spectrumDisplay=None, cornerWidget=False, **kwds): """Initialise the widget """ super().__init__(parent=parent, scrollBarPolicies=scrollBarPolicies, setLayout=setLayout, minimumSizes=minimumSizes) self._spectrumDisplay = spectrumDisplay # grab the background from the container palette = self._spectrumDisplay.palette() role = self._spectrumDisplay.backgroundRole() _col = palette.color(role) if cornerWidget: self._cornerWidget = _ScrollWidgetCorner(self, background=_col) if len(spectrumDisplay.axisCodes) <= 2: self._cornerWidget.setVisible(False) else: self._cornerWidget = None
[docs] def resizeEvent(self, event): """Handle resize event to re-position the axis widgets and corner widget as required """ super(ScrollArea, self).resizeEvent(event) self._updateAxisWidgets()
def _updateAxisWidgets(self): """Update the positioning of the widgets as required """ rect = self.viewport().geometry() try: from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.GLAxis import GuiNdWidgetAxis from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.GLAxis import Gui1dWidgetAxis try: offset = 0 if len(self._spectrumDisplay.axisCodes) > 2: offset = self._spectrumDisplay.strips[0]._stripToolBarWidget.height() except: pass _width = max(rect.width(), self._minimumSizes[0]) _height = max(rect.height(), self._minimumSizes[1]) - offset margins = self._viewportMargins # search for the axis widgets children = self.findChildren((Gui1dWidgetAxis, GuiNdWidgetAxis)) if children: for child in children: if child._axisType == BOTTOMAXIS: # resize the X axis widgets child.setGeometry(0, rect.height(), _width, margins[3]) else: # resize the Y axis widgets child.setGeometry(rect.width(), 0, margins[2], _height) if self._cornerWidget: self._cornerWidget.setGeometry(_width, _height, margins[2], offset) except: pass
[docs] def refreshViewPort(self): from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.GLAxis import GuiNdWidgetAxis from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.GLAxis import Gui1dWidgetAxis self._updateAxisWidgets() # search for the axis widgets children = self.findChildren((Gui1dWidgetAxis, GuiNdWidgetAxis)) if children: for child in children: child._updateAxes = True child.update()
[docs] def setViewportMargins(self, *margins): """Set the viewport margins and keep a local copy """ super().setViewportMargins(*margins) self._viewportMargins = margins
[docs] def setCornerBackground(self, colour): """Set the background colour (or None) """ if self._cornerWidget: self._cornerWidget.setBackGround(colour)
class _ScrollWidgetCorner(QtWidgets.QWidget): """ Class to handle a simple widget item with a constant painted background Item is to be resized by parent handler """ def __init__(self, parent, background=None, **kwds): """Initialise the widget """ super().__init__(parent=parent, **kwds) self._parent = parent self._background = None if background: self.setBackground(background) def setBackground(self, colour): """Set the background colour (or None) """ try: # try a QColor first self._background = QtGui.QColor(colour) except: # otherwise assume to be a tuple (0..1, 0..1, 0..1, 0..1, 0..1) if type(colour) != tuple or \ len(colour) != 4 or \ any(not isinstance(val, float) for val in colour) or \ any(not (0 <= col <= 1) for col in colour): raise TypeError("colour must be a tuple(r, g, b, alpha)") self._background = QtGui.QColor(rgbRatioToHex(*colour[:3])) def paintEvent(self, a0: QtGui.QPaintEvent): """Paint the background in the required colour """ if self._background is not None: p = QtGui.QPainter(self) rgn = self.rect() p.fillRect(rgn, self._background) p.end()