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PulldownList widget

# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - 2021"
__credits__ = ("Ed Brooksbank, Joanna Fox, Victoria A Higman, Luca Mureddu, Eliza Płoskoń",
               "Timothy J Ragan, Brian O Smith, Gary S Thompson & Geerten W Vuister")
__licence__ = ("CCPN licence. See")
__reference__ = ("Skinner, S.P., Fogh, R.H., Boucher, W., Ragan, T.J., Mureddu, L.G., & Vuister, G.W.",
                 "CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis",
                 "J.Biomol.Nmr (2016), 66, 111-124,")
# Last code modification
__modifiedBy__ = "$modifiedBy: Ed Brooksbank $"
__dateModified__ = "$dateModified: 2021-12-07 12:28:34 +0000 (Tue, December 07, 2021) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 3.0.4 $"
# Created
__author__ = "$Author: CCPN $"
__date__ = "$Date: 2017-04-07 10:28:41 +0000 (Fri, April 07, 2017) $"
# Start of code

from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Base import Base
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Icon import Icon
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Font import setWidgetFont, getFontHeight

NULL = object()

#TODO: clean various methods, removing 'deprecated' ones

[docs]class PulldownList(QtWidgets.QComboBox, Base): popupAboutToBeShown = QtCore.pyqtSignal() pulldownTextEdited = QtCore.pyqtSignal() pulldownTextReady = QtCore.pyqtSignal(str) def __init__(self, parent, texts=None, objects=None, icons=None, callback=None, clickToShowCallback=None, index=0, backgroundText=None, headerText=None, headerEnabled=False, headerIcon=None, editable=False, maxVisibleItems=16, iconSize=None, toolTips=None, **kwds): """ :param parent: :param texts: :param objects: :param icons: :param callback: :param index: :param backgroundText: a transparent text that will disappear as soon as you click to type. the place holder or the transparent "backgroundText" will work only if the pulldown is editable. Otherwise use HeaderText and enabled = False if you need only a title inside the pulldown :param headerText: text of first item of the pullDown. E.g. '-- Select Item --' :param headerEnabled: True to be selectable, False to disable and be grayed out :param editable: If True: allows for editing the value :param clickToShowCallback: callback when click to open the pulldown. Used to populate pulldown only when clicked the first time :param kwds: """ super().__init__(parent) Base._init(self, **kwds) # focus can be set with the tab keys and mouse self.setFocusPolicy(QtCore.Qt.StrongFocus) self.text = None self.object = None self.texts = [] self.objects = [] self.headerText = headerText self.headerEnabled = headerEnabled self.headerIcon = headerIcon self.backgroundText = backgroundText # replace with a simple listView - fixes stylesheet hassle; default QComboBox listview can't be changed self._list = QtWidgets.QListView() self.setView(self._list) setWidgetFont(self._list, ) # add a scrollBar for long lists self._list.setVerticalScrollBarPolicy(QtCore.Qt.ScrollBarAsNeeded) self._list.setMinimumSize(self.sizeHint()) self.setEditable(editable) if iconSize: self._iconSize = iconSize else: self._iconSize = getFontHeight() or 16 self.setIconSize(QtCore.QSize(self._iconSize, self._iconSize)) self.setData(texts, objects, index, icons, headerText=headerText, headerEnabled=headerEnabled, headerIcon=headerIcon) self.setCallback(callback) self.clickToShowCallback = clickToShowCallback if self.clickToShowCallback: self.popupAboutToBeShown.connect(self.clickToShowCallback) self.setStyleSheet('PulldownList { padding: 3px 3px 3px 3px; combobox-popup: 0; }') # this (or similar) can now be added to the stylesheet if needed # 'QListView::item { padding: 12px; }') self.setMaxVisibleItems(maxVisibleItems) self._editedText = None self.currentIndexChanged.connect(self._callback) if editable: self.currentIndexChanged.connect(self._textReady) self.lineEdit().editingFinished.connect(self._textReady) if toolTips: self.setToolTips(toolTips) # possibly for later if gray 'Select' preferred # self.currentIndexChanged.connect(self._highlightCurrentText) # self.currentTextChanged.connect(self._highlightCurrentText)
[docs] def setEditable(self, editable: bool) -> None: super(PulldownList, self).setEditable(editable) if editable: if self.backgroundText: self.lineEdit().setPlaceholderText(str(self.backgroundText)) self.lineEdit().textEdited.connect(self._emitPulldownTextEdited) #GST this cures a bug where the text background overwrites the popup button... self.lineEdit().setStyleSheet('background: transparent') # set the font for the placeHolderText (not set by Base) setWidgetFont(self.lineEdit(), )
[docs] def focusOutEvent(self, ev) -> None: super(PulldownList, self).focusOutEvent(ev) if self.isEditable(): self._textReady()
def _textReady(self): self.pulldownTextReady.emit(self._editedText)
[docs] def showPopup(self): self.popupAboutToBeShown.emit() self._list.setMinimumSize(self.sizeHint()) super(PulldownList, self).showPopup()
[docs] def currentObject(self): if self.objects: index = self.currentIndex() if index >= 0: return self.objects[index]
[docs] def currentData(self): return (self.currentText(), self.currentObject())
[docs] def select(self, item): # Works with an object or a text index = None if item in self.texts: index = list(self.texts).index(item) elif item in self.objects: index = list(self.objects).index(item) if index is not None: self.setCurrentIndex(index)
[docs] def set(self, item):
[docs] def setSelected(self, item, doCallback=False): print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.setSelected is deprecated use; .select()")
[docs] def setIndex(self, index): self.setCurrentIndex(index)
[docs] def get(self): return self.currentObject()
[docs] def getSelected(self): # print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.getSelected is deprecated use; .currentData()") return self.currentData()
[docs] def getObject(self): # print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.getObject is deprecated use; .currentObject()") return self.currentObject()
[docs] def getText(self): # print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.getText is deprecated use; .currentText()") return self.currentText()
[docs] def getItemIndex(self, text): for i in range(self.count()): if self.itemText(i) == text: return i
[docs] def getSelectedIndex(self): # print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.getSelectedIndex is deprecated use; .currentIndex()") return self.currentIndex()
[docs] def setup(self): print("ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.PulldownList.setup is deprecated use; .setData") return self.currentIndex()
def _clear(self): if self.headerText is not None: self.clear() self._addHeaderLabel(self.headerText, self.headerEnabled, icon=self.headerIcon) else: self.clear() def _addHeaderLabel(self, headerText, headerEnabled, icon=None): self.addItem(text=headerText, icon=icon) headerIndex = self.getItemIndex(headerText) headerItem = self.model().item(headerIndex) headerItem.setEnabled(headerEnabled)
[docs] def setData(self, texts=None, objects=None, index=None, icons=None, clear=True, headerText=None, headerEnabled=False, headerIcon=None): texts = texts or [] objects = objects or [] self.texts = [] self.objects = [] self.icons = [] n = len(texts) if objects: msg = 'len(texts) = %d, len(objects) = %d' assert n == len(objects), msg % (n, len(objects)) else: objects = texts[:] if icons: while len(icons) < n: icons.append(None) else: icons = [None] * n if clear: self.clear() if headerText: self._addHeaderLabel(headerText, headerEnabled, headerIcon) for i, text in enumerate(texts): self.addItem(text, objects[i], icons[i]) if index is not None: self.setCurrentIndex(index)
[docs] def selectValue(self, value, default=0) -> int: """Select the item corresponding to value or item with index zero if value is not present :return index of selected item """ if default < 0 or default > len(self.texts): raise ValueError('%s.selectValue: invalid value for default "%s"' % (self.__class__.__name__, default)) idx = self.texts.index(value) if value in self.texts else default self.setIndex(idx) return idx
[docs] def addItem(self, text, item=NULL, icon=None, ): if icon and isinstance(icon, QtGui.QIcon): super().addItem(icon, str(text)) else: super().addItem(str(text)) if item is NULL: item = str(text) self.texts.append(text) self.objects.append(item)
[docs] def setItemText(self, index, text): QtWidgets.QComboBox.setItemText(self, index, text) self.text[index] = text
[docs] def removeItem(self, index): QtWidgets.QComboBox.removeItem(self, index) if index is self.index: self.index = None self.text = None self.object = None self.texts.pop(index) self.objects.pop(index)
[docs] def disable(self): self.setDisabled(True)
[docs] def enable(self): self.setEnabled(True)
[docs] def disableLabelsOnPullDown(self, texts, colour=None): """ Disable items from pulldown (not selectable, not clickable). And if given, changes the colour """ for text in texts: if text is not None and self.getItemIndex(text) is not None: item = self.model().item(self.getItemIndex(text)) if item: item.setEnabled(False) if colour is not None: item.setForeground(QtGui.QColor(colour))
[docs] def setCallback(self, callback): self.callback = callback
[docs] def setToolTips(self, toolTips): if len(self.texts) == len(toolTips): for text, toolTip in zip(self.texts, toolTips): item = self.model().item(self.getItemIndex(text)) if item: item.setToolTip(toolTip)
def _callback(self, index): if index < 0: return self.index = index if self.objects and index < len(self.objects): self.object = self.objects[index] else: self.object = None if self.callback: if self.objects: self.callback(self.objects[index]) elif self.texts: self.callback(self.texts[index])
[docs] def setMaxVisibleItems(self, maxItems: int = 16): """Set the maximum height of the combobox when opened """ super(PulldownList, self).setMaxVisibleItems(maxItems)
# qt bug fix - maxVisible only works if the following is set in the stylesheet # self.setStyleSheet("combobox-popup: 0;") # This is currently set at the top but added here so I remember, Ed @QtCore.pyqtSlot() def _emitPulldownTextEdited(self): self._editedText = self.getText() self.pulldownTextEdited.emit()
[docs] def setPulldownColour(self, selectColour='lime'): from ccpn.util.Colour import spectrumColours import random for item in spectrumColours.items(): pix = QtGui.QPixmap(QtCore.QSize(20, 20)) pix.fill(QtGui.QColor(item[0])) self.addItem(icon=QtGui.QIcon(pix), text=item[1]) try: except:
def _getSaveState(self): """ Internal. Called for saving/restoring the widget state. """ return self.currentText() def _setSavedState(self, value): """ Internal. Called for saving/restoring the widget state. """ return self.set(value)
# possibly for later if gray 'Select' preferred # def _highlightCurrentText(self): # """Highlight the selected text the colour from the current items # """ # ind = self.currentIndex() # model = self.model() # item = model.item(ind) # print(f' select {ind}') # # if item is not None: # color = item.foreground().color() # # use the palette to change the colour of the selection text - may not match for other themes # palette = self.palette() # palette.setColor(QtGui.QPalette.Active, QtGui.QPalette.Text, color) # self.setPalette(palette)
[docs]def main(): """A few small tests """ from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Application import TestApplication from ccpn.ui.gui.popups.Dialog import CcpnDialog from functools import partial app = TestApplication() texts = ['Int', 'Float', 'String', ''] objects = [int, float, str, 'Green'] icons = [None, None, None, Icon(color='#008000')] def callback(obj): print('callback', obj) def callback2(obj): print('HEY') print('callback2', obj) def callback21(): print('clicked') print('callback2') def abts(s): print('s', s.texts) popup = CcpnDialog(windowTitle='Test PulldownList', setLayout=True) #popup.setSize(250,50) policyDict = dict( vAlign='top', ) pulldownList = PulldownList(parent=popup, texts=texts, icons=icons, objects=objects, callback=callback, clickToShowCallback=callback21, grid=(0, 0), **policyDict ) pulldownList.popupAboutToBeShown.connect(partial(abts, pulldownList)) pulldownList.insertSeparator(2) pulldownList.clearEditText() pulldownList2 = PulldownList(parent=popup, texts=texts, editable=True, callback=callback2, clickToShowCallback=callback21, grid=(1, 0), **policyDict ) pulldownList.clearEditText() popup.raise_() app.start()
# # test - adding a different widget to a combobox # import sys # from PyQt5.QtCore import Qt, QVariant # from PyQt5 import QtGui, QtWidgets # # # app = QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv) # model = QtGui.QStandardItemModel() # # items = [("ABC", True), # ("DEF", False), # ("GHI", False)] # # for text, checked in items: # text_item = QtGui.QStandardItem(text) # checked_item = QtGui.QStandardItem() # checked_item.setData(QVariant(checked), Qt.CheckStateRole) # model.appendRow([text_item, checked_item]) # # view = QtWidgets.QTreeView() # view.header().hide() # view.setRootIsDecorated(False) # # combo = QtWidgets.QComboBox() # combo.setView(view) # combo.setModel(model) # # # sys.exit(app.exec_()) if __name__ == '__main__': # call testing main()