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# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - 2022"
__credits__ = ("Ed Brooksbank, Joanna Fox, Victoria A Higman, Luca Mureddu, Eliza Płoskoń",
               "Timothy J Ragan, Brian O Smith, Gary S Thompson & Geerten W Vuister")
__licence__ = ("CCPN licence. See")
__reference__ = ("Skinner, S.P., Fogh, R.H., Boucher, W., Ragan, T.J., Mureddu, L.G., & Vuister, G.W.",
                 "CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis",
                 "J.Biomol.Nmr (2016), 66, 111-124,")
# Last code modification
__modifiedBy__ = "$modifiedBy: Geerten Vuister $"
__dateModified__ = "$dateModified: 2022-02-07 17:13:53 +0000 (Mon, February 07, 2022) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 3.1.0 $"
# Created
__author__ = "$Author: rhfogh $"
__date__ = "$Date: 2017-04-07 10:28:41 +0000 (Fri, April 07, 2017) $"
# Start of code

import sys
import os
from PyQt5 import QtWidgets
from ccpn.util.Path import aPath
from ccpn.util.Common import makeIterableList
from ccpn.util.AttrDict import AttrDict
from ccpn.util.Logging import getLogger
from ccpn.util.decorators import singleton
from ccpn.framework.Application import getApplication

USERDEFAULTPATH = 'userDefaultPath'
USERPROJECTPATH = 'userProjectPath'
USERWORKINGPATH = 'userWorkingPath'
USERLAYOUTSPATH = 'userLayoutsPath'
USERMACROPATH = 'userMacroPath'
USERPLUGINPATH = 'userPluginPath'
USERPIPESPATH = 'userPipesPath'

# keep for the minute - so I can search for it again
# USEREXPORTPATH = 'userExportPath'

    'open'  : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen,  # 0
    'load'  : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen,  # 0
    'save'  : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave,  # 1
    'import': QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen,  # 0
    'export': QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave,  # 1
    'select': QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen,  # 0
    'run'   : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen,  # 0

    'anyFile'      : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AnyFile,  # 0
    'existingFile' : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFile,  # 1
    'directory'    : QtWidgets.QFileDialog.Directory,  # 2
    'directoryOnly': QtWidgets.QFileDialog.Directory,  # 2
    'existingFiles': QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFiles,  # 3

    (0, 0)                                                                 : 'getOpenFileName',
    (0, 1)                                                                 : 'getOpenFileName',
    (0, 2)                                                                 : 'getExistingDirectory',
    (0, 3)                                                                 : 'getOpenFileNames',
    (1, 0)                                                                 : 'getSaveFileName',
    (1, 1)                                                                 : 'getSaveFileName',
    (1, 2)                                                                 : 'getSaveFileName',
    (1, 3)                                                                 : 'getSaveFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AnyFile)      : 'getOpenFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFile) : 'getOpenFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.Directory)    : 'getExistingDirectory',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptOpen, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFiles): 'getOpenFileNames',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AnyFile)      : 'getSaveFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFile) : 'getSaveFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.Directory)    : 'getSaveFileName',
    (QtWidgets.QFileDialog.AcceptSave, QtWidgets.QFileDialog.ExistingFiles): 'getSaveFileName',

[docs]class FileDialogABC(QtWidgets.QFileDialog): """ Class to implement open/save dialogs """ _initialPaths = {} _fileMode = 'anyFile' _text = None _updatePathOnReject = True _multiSelect = False restrictDirToFilter = False, # path attribute to read from preferences.general dict in __new__ _initialPath = USERWORKINGPATH def __init__(self, parent=None, acceptMode='open', selectFile=None, fileFilter=None, directory=None, useNative=None, _useDirectoryOnly=False, confirmOverwrite=True, **kwds): """ Initialise the dialog widget :param parent: :param acceptMode: 'open' or 'save' :param selectFile: default filename to select - without path :param fileFilter: file filter, e.g. '*.zip' :param directory: default folder to select :param useNative: True/False - use native dialog :param confirmOverwrite: True/False - request overwrite if file exists :param kwds: """ if _useDirectoryOnly: # allow the setting of the directory from the preferences popup self._fileMode = 'directoryOnly' self._text = ' '.join([self._text, 'Path']) # check that the subclass attributes has been defined if self._fileMode is None and not self._text: raise RuntimeError(f'{self.__class__.__name__} not defined correctly') _fm = FILEMODESDICT.get(self._fileMode) if _fm is None: raise RuntimeError(f'{self.__class__.__name__}: _fileMode \'{self._fileMode}\' not defined') _am = ACCEPTMODEDICT.get(acceptMode) if _am is None: raise TypeError(f'{self.__class__.__name__}: acceptMode \'{acceptMode}\' not defined') try: # read the preferences from the application application = getApplication() self._preferences = application.preferences _general = self._preferences.general except: raise RuntimeError('application is not defined') if directory is None: _path = aPath(_general.get(self._initialPath)) if not _path: raise RuntimeError(f'preferences.general.{self._initialPath} not defined correctly') # set the current working path if this is the first time the dialog has been opened if self._clsID not in self._initialPaths: self._initialPaths[self._clsID] = _path directory = self._initialPaths[self._clsID] self._setDirectory = False else: directory = directory # not sure why I put this flag in self._setDirectory = True self._directory = directory _txt = self._text.format(acceptMode) if '{}' in self._text else self._text _txt = _txt[0].capitalize() + _txt[1:] super().__init__(parent, caption=_txt, directory=str(directory), **kwds) if not confirmOverwrite: self.setOption(QtWidgets.QFileDialog.DontConfirmOverwrite) try: if self._fileMode == 'directoryOnly': # fix obsolete DirectoryOnly self.setOption(self.ShowDirsOnly, True) except: pass self._kwds = kwds self._selectFile = aPath(selectFile).name if selectFile else None self.setFileMode(_fm) self._customMultiSelectedFiles = [] #used to multiselect directories and files at the same time. Available only on Non Native # self._multiSelect = multiSelection self._acceptMode = ACCEPTMODEDICT.get(acceptMode) self.setAcceptMode(self._acceptMode) if fileFilter is not None: self.setNameFilter(fileFilter) if selectFile is not None: # populates fileDialog with the suggested filename self.selectFile(self._selectFile) if useNative is not None: self.useNative = useNative else: self.useNative = self._preferences.general.useNative # need to do this before setting DontUseNativeDialog (only for non-native?) if self.restrictDirToFilter: self.filterSelected.connect(self._predir) self.directoryEntered.connect(self._dir) self._restrictedType = fileFilter # self.result is '' (first case) or 0 (second case) if Cancel button selected if self.useNative and not sys.platform.lower() == 'linux': pass # # get the function name from the dict above # funcName = self.staticFunctionDict[(acceptMode, fileMode)] # self.result = getattr(self, funcName)(caption=text, **kwds) # if isinstance(self.result, tuple): # self.result = self.result[0] else: self.setOption(QtWidgets.QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog, not self.useNative) # add a multi-selection option - only for non-native dialogs for view in self.findChildren((QtWidgets.QListView, QtWidgets.QTreeView)): if isinstance(view.model(), QtWidgets.QFileSystemModel): # set the selection mode for the dialog if self._multiSelect: view.setSelectionMode(QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.ExtendedSelection) else: view.setSelectionMode(QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.SingleSelection) btns = self.findChildren(QtWidgets.QPushButton) if btns: # search for the open button and connect to the clicked signal self.openBtn = [x for x in btns if 'open' in str(x.text()).lower()] if self.openBtn: self.openBtn[0].clicked.disconnect() self.openBtn[0].clicked.connect(self._openClicked) # NOTE:ED - exec separated from the _init__ to stop threading issues with Windows 10 # _show or exec_ must be called after creating a subclassed FileDialogABC object @property def _clsID(self): # returns an id for the current class type for use in storing path return self.__class__.__name__
[docs] def getCurrentWorkingPath(self): # get the current stored path for this dialog type if self._clsID in self._initialPaths: return self._initialPaths[self._clsID]
@property def initialPath(self): """The initial path that the dialog will be set to on opening. Path is stored between instances, and is unique to the subclassed type. """ if self._clsID in self._initialPaths: return self._initialPaths[self._clsID] @initialPath.setter def initialPath(self, value): if self._clsID in self._initialPaths: self._initialPaths[self._clsID] = value def _storePaths(self): """Store the current path set - possibly for undo/redo cancelled """ self._tempPaths = self._initialPaths.copy() def _restorePaths(self): """Restore the current path set - possibly for undo/redo cancelled """ if getattr(self, '_tempPaths', None): # keeps the original pointer self._initialPaths.clear() self._initialPaths.update(self._tempPaths) def _show(self): """Separated from the _init__ to stop threading issues with Windows 10. Must be called after creating a subclassed FileDialogABC object. """ if self.useNative and not sys.platform.lower() == 'linux': _fm = FILEMODESDICT.get(self._fileMode) funcName = STATICFUNCTIONDICT[(self._acceptMode, _fm)] self.result = getattr(self, funcName)(caption=self._text, directory=str(self._directory), **self._kwds) if isinstance(self.result, tuple): self.result = self.result[0] else: self.setOption(QtWidgets.QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog) self.result = self.exec_() if self.selectedFiles(): # empty assumes that the dialog has been rejected self._updateCurrentPath() def _updateCurrentPath(self): """Update the current path """ # accept the dialog and set the current selected folder for next time if directory not originally set if self._fileMode == 'directoryOnly': absPath = aPath(self.selectedFile()) else: absPath = aPath( self._initialPaths[self._clsID] = absPath
[docs] def accept(self): """Update the current path and exit the dialog. """ self._updateCurrentPath() super().accept()
[docs] def reject(self): """Update the current path (if required) and exit the dialog. """ self.selectedFiles = lambda: None # needs to clear the selection when closing if self._updatePathOnReject: self._updateCurrentPath() super().reject()
def _predir(self, file: str): if file.endswith(str(self._restrictedType)): self.fileSelected = None def _dir(self, directory: str): if directory.endswith(str(self._restrictedType)): return False return True def _openClicked(self): """Custom action to multiselect files and dir at the same time or just Dirs or just Files. Needed to open a top dir containing the spectra. Eg 10 Brukers at once. """ self.tree = self.findChild(QtWidgets.QTreeView) if self.tree: inds = self.tree.selectionModel().selectedIndexes() files = [] for i in inds: if i.column() == 0: files.append(os.path.join(str(, str( self._customMultiSelectedFiles = files # NOTE:ED - does this need to hide here? self.hide() # overrides Qt function, which does not pay any attention to whether Cancel button selected
[docs] def selectedFiles(self): """Return the list of selected files """ if self.useNative: # get the selected files from the native dialog if self.result: return makeIterableList(self.result) else: return [] else: # use our ccpn dialog files = super().selectedFiles() if files is None: files = [] return files
[docs] def selectedFile(self): """Return the first selected file. """ # Qt does not have this but useful if you know you only want one file files = self.selectedFiles() if files and len(files) > 0: return files[0] else: return None
# Define the subclasses for each dialog
[docs]class ProjectFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _fileMode = 'directory' _text = '{} Project' def _updateCurrentPath(self): """Update the current path for here and the ProjectSaveFileDialog """ # accept the dialog and set the current selected folder for next time, # if directory not originally set super()._updateCurrentPath() # copy the value to the ProjectSaveFileDialog absPath = aPath( self._initialPaths[ProjectSaveFileDialog()._clsID] = absPath
[docs]class ProjectSaveFileDialog(FileDialogABC): # _fileMode = 'directory' _text = '{} Project' def _updateCurrentPath(self): """Update the current path for here and the ProjectFileDialog """ # accept the dialog and set the current selected folder for next time, # if directory not originally set super()._updateCurrentPath() # copy the value to the ProjectFileDialog absPath = aPath( self._initialPaths[ProjectFileDialog()._clsID] = absPath
[docs]class DataFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Data'
[docs]class LayoutsFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERLAYOUTSPATH _text = '{} Layout'
[docs]class MacrosFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERMACROPATH _text = '{} Macro'
[docs]class CcpnMacrosFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} CCPN Macro'
[docs]class NefFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Nef File'
[docs]class ArchivesFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Archive'
[docs]class PluginsFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERPLUGINPATH _text = '{} Plugin'
[docs]class PreferencesFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Preferences'
[docs]class SpectrumFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERDATAPATH _text = '{} Spectra' _fileMode = 'existingFiles' _multiSelect = True
[docs]class TablesFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Table'
[docs]class BackupsFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Backup'
[docs]class AuxiliaryFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERAUXILIARYFILESPATH _text = '{} Auxiliary File'
[docs]class PipelineFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _initialPath = USERPIPESPATH _text = '{} Pipeline'
[docs]class NMRStarFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} NMRStar File'
[docs]class OtherFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} File'
[docs]class PDFFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} PDF Document'
[docs]class ExportFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} as'
[docs]class ExcelFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Excel File'
[docs]class ChemCompFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Xml File'
[docs]class ExecutablesFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Executable'
[docs]class AdminFileDialog(FileDialogABC): _text = '{} Files' _fileMode = 'existingFiles' _multiSelect = True
[docs]class LineButtonFileDialog(FileDialogABC): """Special class for a lineEdit button in pipelines """ def __init__(self, parent=None, fileMode='anyFile', dialogText=None, directory=None, fileFilter=None, **kwds): self._fileMode = fileMode self._text = dialogText super().__init__(parent, fileFilter=fileFilter, directory=directory, **kwds)
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.LineEdit import LineEdit from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Icon import Icon from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Button import Button from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Widget import Widget from os.path import expanduser
[docs]class LineEditButtonDialog(Widget): def __init__(self, parent, textDialog=None, textLineEdit=None, fileMode=None, fileFilter=None, directory=None, **kwds): super().__init__(parent, setLayout=True, **kwds) self.openPathIcon = Icon('icons/directory') if textDialog is None: self.textDialog = 'Select File' else: self.textDialog = textDialog if textLineEdit is None: self.textLineEdit = expanduser("~") else: self.textLineEdit = textLineEdit if fileMode is None: self.fileMode = 'anyFile' else: self.fileMode = fileMode self.fileFilter = fileFilter = directory tipText = 'Click the icon to select' self.lineEdit = LineEdit(self, text=self.textLineEdit, textAlignment='l', hAlign='l', minimumWidth=100, tipText=tipText, grid=(0, 0)) self.lineEdit.setEnabled(True) self.lineEdit.setSizePolicy(QtWidgets.QSizePolicy.MinimumExpanding, QtWidgets.QSizePolicy.Minimum) button = Button(self, text='', icon=self.openPathIcon, callback=self._openFileDialog, grid=(0, 1), hAlign='c') button.setStyleSheet("border: 0px solid transparent") def _openFileDialog(self): self.fileDialog = LineButtonFileDialog(self, fileMode=self.fileMode, dialogText=self.textDialog,, fileFilter=self.fileFilter) self.fileDialog._show() selectedFile = self.fileDialog.selectedFile() if selectedFile: self.lineEdit.setText(str(selectedFile)) return True else: return False
[docs] def get(self): return self.lineEdit.text()
[docs] def setText(self, text): self.lineEdit.setText(str(text))
def _getSaveState(self): """ Internal. Called for saving/restoring the widget state. """ return self.get() def _setSavedState(self, value): """ Internal. Called for saving/restoring the widget state. """ return self.set(value)
if __name__ == '__main__': from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Application import TestApplication from ccpn.ui.gui.popups.Dialog import CcpnDialog app = TestApplication() popup = CcpnDialog(windowTitle='Test LineEditButtonDialog') slider = OtherFileDialog(parent=popup) print(slider.selectedFile()) popup.raise_() app.start()