Source code for ccpn.ui.gui.modules.DataTableModuleABC

import pandas as pd
from ccpn.ui.gui.modules.CcpnModule import CcpnModule
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.GuiTable import GuiTable, _getValueByHeader, _setValueByHeader
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Column import Column, ColumnClass
from PyQt5 import QtGui, QtWidgets, QtCore, QtOpenGL
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Label import Label
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Frame import Frame
from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.DropBase import DropBase
from ccpn.ui.gui.lib.GuiNotifier import GuiNotifier

ALL = '<all>'

[docs]class GuiDataTableBC(GuiTable): """ """ className = 'GuiDataTableBC' OBJECT = 'object' TABLE = 'table' def __init__(self, dataTable, parent=None, mainWindow=None, moduleParent=None, allowRowDragAndDrop=True, **kwds): self.mainWindow = mainWindow self.dataTable = dataTable super().__init__(parent=parent, mainWindow=self.mainWindow, dataFrameObject=None, setLayout=True, autoResize=True, multiSelect=True, selectionCallback=self.selection, actionCallback=self.action, checkBoxCallback=self.actionCheckBox, allowRowDragAndDrop=allowRowDragAndDrop, grid=(0, 0) ) self.moduleParent = moduleParent
[docs] def selection(self, *args): pass
[docs] def action(self, *args): pass
[docs] def actionCheckBox(self, *args): pass
[docs] def setDataTable(self, dataTable): df = if len( > 0: colDefs = ColumnClass([(x, lambda row: _getValueByHeader(row, x), None, None, None) for x in df.columns]) columnsMap = {x: x for x in df.columns} dfo = self.getDataFromFrame(self, df, colDefs, columnsMap) self.setTableFromDataFrameObject(dataFrameObject=dfo, columnDefs=colDefs) self.selectIndex(0)
[docs]class DataTableModuleBC(CcpnModule): """ This class implements the module by wrapping a TableExample instance """ includeSettingsWidget = True maxSettingsState = 2 # states are defined as: 0: invisible, 1: both visible, 2: only settings visible settingsPosition = 'left' className = 'DataTableModule' def __init__(self, dataTable=None, mainWindow=None, name='Generic DataTable Module'): """ Initialise the Module widgets """ super().__init__(mainWindow=mainWindow, name=name) # Derive application, project, and current from mainWindow self.mainWindow = mainWindow self.dataTable = dataTable # main window row = 0 self.frame = Frame(self.mainWidget, setLayout=True, grid=(row, 0)) self.guiTable = GuiDataTableBC(dataTable=self.dataTable, parent=self.frame, mainWindow=self.mainWindow, moduleParent=self, grid=(0, 0)) # self.setGuiNotifier(self.table, [GuiNotifier.DROPEVENT], # [DropBase.DFS], callback=self._handleDroppedItems) # self.setGuiNotifier(self.table, [GuiNotifier.ENTEREVENT], # [DropBase.DFS], callback=self._handleEnteredtems) if self.dataTable: self.setDataTable(self.dataTable)
[docs] def setDataTable(self, dataTable): if dataTable: self.guiTable.setDataTable(dataTable)
def _handleDroppedItems(self, dd): print('DROPPED: ', dd) def _handleEnteredtems(self, dd): print('_handleEnteredtems', dd)
[docs]def main(): from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.Application import TestApplication from ccpn.ui.gui.widgets.CcpnModuleArea import CcpnModuleArea app = TestApplication() win = QtWidgets.QMainWindow() moduleArea = CcpnModuleArea(mainWindow=None, ) m = DataTableModuleBC(mainWindow=None) t = m.table # print('Selected', t.getSelectedObjects()) moduleArea.addModule(m) win.setCentralWidget(moduleArea) win.resize(1000, 2000) app.start()
if __name__ == '__main__': main()