Source code for ccpn.core.lib.CcpnDataSetParameters

Functions to read/write parameters to a dataSet.
The dataSet parameters are stored/restored as a ccpn_parameter saveframe
in nef files.
The value is stored as a ccpn_value item in the saveframe or as a ccpn_dataframe loop.
# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - 2021"
__credits__ = ("Ed Brooksbank, Joanna Fox, Victoria A Higman, Luca Mureddu, Eliza Płoskoń",
               "Timothy J Ragan, Brian O Smith, Gary S Thompson & Geerten W Vuister")
__licence__ = ("CCPN licence. See")
__reference__ = ("Skinner, S.P., Fogh, R.H., Boucher, W., Ragan, T.J., Mureddu, L.G., & Vuister, G.W.",
                 "CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis",
                 "J.Biomol.Nmr (2016), 66, 111-124,")
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__dateModified__ = "$dateModified: 2021-12-23 17:37:46 +0000 (Thu, December 23, 2021) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 3.0.4 $"
# Created
__author__ = "$Author: Ed Brooksbank $"
__date__ = "$Date: 2021-07-07 12:49:23 +0100 (Wed, July 07, 2021) $"
# Start of code

from ccpn.util.Logging import getLogger
import pandas as pd

CCPNPARAMETER = 'ccpnDataSetParameter'
CCPNLOOP = 'ccpnDataFrame'

[docs]def getCcpnNefParameter(project: 'Project', structureData, serial, name, parameterName): """Get the required structureData parameter from the project Returns a python object/pandas dataFrame of the ccpn nef log for use in nef import/export If a dataFrame cannot be found, logs an error and returns None Columns defined by the dataframe Raises an error if there are any issues reading dataSet parameters :param project: instance of type Project :param structureData: structureData name :param serial: structureData serial :param name: data item name :return: pandas dataFrame or None """ try: # get the correct parameters from the dataSet dSet = project.getStructureData(structureData) if dSet and dSet.serial != serial: getLogger().debug(f'dataSet serials do not match: {dSet.serial} != {serial}') dd = dSet.getData(name) params = dd.dataParameters # return a copy of the ccpnHistory parameter return params.get(parameterName) except Exception as es: getLogger().debug(f"Cannot read structureData parameter '{structureData}:{name}:{parameterName}'")
[docs]def setCcpnNefParameter(project: 'Project', structureData, serial, name, parameterName, value, overwrite=False): """Set the required structureData parameter in the project for use in nef import/export Raises an error if name or value are of the wrong types Returns False if the structureData parameter already exists and overwrite is False :param project: instance of type Project :param structureData: structureData name :param serial: structureData serial :param name: data item name :param value: pandas dataFrame or None :param overwrite: True/False :return: True if successful """ # check parameters if not isinstance(structureData, str): raise ValueError(f'structureData {repr(structureData)} must be a string') if not isinstance(name, str): raise ValueError(f'name {repr(name)} must be a string') # get the required dataSet dSet = project.getStructureData(structureData) or project.newStructureData(structureData) if not dSet: raise RuntimeError(f'Error creating structureData {repr(structureData)}') # check whether the data already exists in the dataSet # dd = dSet.getData(name) # if dd and not overwrite: # getLogger().warning(f' {repr(name)} exists') # return try: # check whether the data already exists in the dataSet # try and write the information to the parameters dd = dSet.getData(name) or dSet.newData(name=name) if parameterName in dd.dataParameters and not overwrite: getLogger().warning(f' parameter {repr(parameterName)} exists') return dd.setDataParameter(parameterName, value) except Exception as es: raise RuntimeError(f'Error creating structureData parameter {repr(parameterName)}') # operation was successful return True