Source code for ccpn.core.SpectrumGroup

# Licence, Reference and Credits
__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) CCPN project ( 2014 - 2021"
__credits__ = ("Ed Brooksbank, Joanna Fox, Victoria A Higman, Luca Mureddu, Eliza Płoskoń",
               "Timothy J Ragan, Brian O Smith, Gary S Thompson & Geerten W Vuister")
__licence__ = ("CCPN licence. See")
__reference__ = ("Skinner, S.P., Fogh, R.H., Boucher, W., Ragan, T.J., Mureddu, L.G., & Vuister, G.W.",
                 "CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis",
                 "J.Biomol.Nmr (2016), 66, 111-124,")
# Last code modification
__modifiedBy__ = "$modifiedBy: Ed Brooksbank $"
__dateModified__ = "$dateModified: 2021-10-11 20:43:39 +0100 (Mon, October 11, 2021) $"
__version__ = "$Revision: 3.0.4 $"
# Created
__author__ = "$Author: CCPN $"
__date__ = "$Date: 2017-04-07 10:28:41 +0000 (Fri, April 07, 2017) $"
# Start of code

from typing import Tuple, Any
import numpy as np
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.api.ccp.nmr.Nmr import DataSource as ApiDataSource
from ccpnmodel.ccpncore.api.ccp.nmr.Nmr import SpectrumGroup as ApiSpectrumGroup
from ccpn.core.Project import Project
from ccpn.core.Spectrum import Spectrum
from ccpn.core._implementation.AbstractWrapperObject import AbstractWrapperObject
from ccpn.core.lib import Pid
from ccpn.core.lib.ContextManagers import newObject, ccpNmrV3CoreSetter, renameObject
from ccpn.util.decorators import logCommand
from ccpn.util.Logging import getLogger
from ccpn.util.LabelledEnum import LabelledEnum

[docs]class SeriesTypes(LabelledEnum): """ Class to handle series types in spectrumGroups """ FLOAT = 0, 'Float' INTEGER = 1, 'Integer' STRING = 2, 'String' PYTHONLITERAL = 3, 'Python Literal'
[docs]class SpectrumGroup(AbstractWrapperObject): """Combines multiple Spectrum objects into a group, so they can be treated as a single object. """ #: Short class name, for PID. shortClassName = 'SG' # Attribute it necessary as subclasses must use superclass className className = 'SpectrumGroup' _parentClass = Project #: Name of plural link to instances of class _pluralLinkName = 'spectrumGroups' # the attribute name used by current _currentAttributeName = 'spectrumGroup' #: List of child classes. _childClasses = [] # Qualified name of matching API class _apiClassQualifiedName = ApiSpectrumGroup._metaclass.qualifiedName() # internal namespace _COMMENT = 'comment' _SERIES = 'series' _SERIESUNITS = 'seriesUnits' _SERIESTYPE = 'seriesType' _POSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR = 'positiveContourColour' _NEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR = 'negativeContourColour' _SLICECOLOUR = 'sliceColour' #========================================================================================= # CCPN properties #========================================================================================= @property def _apiSpectrumGroup(self) -> ApiSpectrumGroup: """ CCPN Project SpectrumGroup""" return self._wrappedData def _getSpectrumGroupChildrenByClass(self, klass): """Return the list of spectra attached to the spectrumGroup. """ if klass is Spectrum: return tuple(spectrum for spectrum in self.spectra) else: return [] @property def _key(self) -> str: """Residue local ID""" return @property def name(self) -> str: """Name of SpectrumGroup, part of identifier""" return @name.setter def name(self, value: str): """set name of SpectrumGroup.""" self.rename(value) @property def serial(self) -> str: """Serial number of SpectrumGroup, used for sorting""" return self._wrappedData.serial @property def _parent(self) -> Project: """Parent (containing) object.""" return self._project @property def comment(self) -> str: """Free-form text comment""" comment = self._getInternalParameter(self._COMMENT) return comment @comment.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def comment(self, value: str): """set optional comment of SpectrumGroup.""" if not isinstance(value, (str, type(None))): raise ValueError("comment must be a string/None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._COMMENT, value) @property def sliceColour(self) -> str: """1D slice colour for group""" colour = self._getInternalParameter(self._SLICECOLOUR) return colour @sliceColour.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def sliceColour(self, value: str): """1D slice colour for group""" if not isinstance(value, (str, type(None))): raise ValueError("sliceColour must be a string/None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._SLICECOLOUR, value) @property def positiveContourColour(self) -> str: """nD positive contour colour for group""" colour = self._getInternalParameter(self._POSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR) return colour @positiveContourColour.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def positiveContourColour(self, value: str): """nD positive contour colour for group""" if not isinstance(value, (str, type(None))): raise ValueError("positiveContourColour must be a string/None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._POSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR, value) @property def negativeContourColour(self) -> str: """nD negative contour colour for group""" colour = self._getInternalParameter(self._NEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR) return colour @negativeContourColour.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def negativeContourColour(self, value: str): """nD negative contour colour for group""" if not isinstance(value, (str, type(None))): raise ValueError("negativeContourColour must be a string/None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._NEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR, value) #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # GWV hack to alleviate (temporarily) the loss of order on spectra #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECTRUM_ORDER = 'spectrum_order' @property def spectra(self) -> Tuple[Spectrum, ...]: """Spectra that make up SpectrumGroup.""" data2Obj = self._project._data2Obj data = [data2Obj[x] for x in self._wrappedData.dataSources] data = self._restoreObjectOrder(data, self.SPECTRUM_ORDER) return tuple(data) @spectra.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def spectra(self, value): if not isinstance(value, (tuple, list)): raise ValueError('Expected a tuple or list') getDataObj = self._project._data2Obj.get data = [getDataObj(x) if isinstance(x, str) else x for x in value] # Store order self._saveObjectOrder(data, self.SPECTRUM_ORDER) # Store the api objects self._wrappedData.dataSources = [x._wrappedData for x in data]
[docs] def addSpectrum(self, spectrum, seriesValue=None): """Add a spectrum Instance to the spectrum group :param spectrum: a Spectrum instance to be added to the group :param seriesValue: a value associated with this series """ if not isinstance(spectrum, Spectrum): raise RuntimeError('Can only add Spectrum instances to a spectrumGroup; got %s' % spectrum) # For now: cumbersome; TODO the setter on self.spectra should disappear _spectra = list(self.spectra) _spectra.append(spectrum) _series = list(self.series) _series.append(seriesValue) self.spectra = _spectra self.series = _series
@property def series(self) -> Tuple[Any, ...]: """Returns a tuple of series items for the attached spectra series = (val1, val2, ..., valN) where val1-valN correspond to the series items in the attached spectra associated with this group For a spectrum with no values, returns None in place of Item """ # series = () # for spectrum in self.spectra: # series += (spectrum._getSeriesItem(self),) result = [sp._getSeriesItem(self) for sp in self.spectra] return tuple(result) @series.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def series(self, items): """Setter for series series must be a tuple of items or Nones, the contents of the items are not checked Items can be anything but must all be the same type or None """ if not isinstance(items, (tuple, list)): raise ValueError('Expected a tuple or list') if len(self.spectra) != len(items): raise ValueError('Number of items does not match number of spectra in group') diffItems = set(type(item) for item in items) if len(diffItems) > 2 or (len(diffItems) == 2 and type(None) not in diffItems): raise ValueError('Items must be of the same type (or None)') for spectrum, item in zip(self.spectra, items): spectrum._setSeriesItem(self, item) @property def seriesUnits(self): """Return the seriesUnits for the spectrumGroup """ units = self._getInternalParameter(self._SERIESUNITS) return units @seriesUnits.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def seriesUnits(self, value): """Set the seriesUnits for the spectrumGroup """ if not isinstance(value, (str, type(None))): raise ValueError("seriesUnits must be a string or None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._SERIESUNITS, value) @property def seriesType(self): """Return the seriesType for the spectrumGroup """ seriesType = self._getInternalParameter(self._SERIESTYPE) return seriesType @seriesType.setter @logCommand(get='self', isProperty=True) @ccpNmrV3CoreSetter() def seriesType(self, value): """Set the seriesType for the spectrumGroup """ if not isinstance(value, (int, type(None))): raise ValueError("seriesType must be an int or None.") self._setInternalParameter(self._SERIESTYPE, value) @property def seriesPeakHeightForPosition(self): """ return: Pandas DataFrame with the following structure: Index: multiIndex => axisCodes as levels; Columns => NR_ID: ID for the nmrResidue(s) assigned to the peak if available Spectrum series values sorted by ascending values, if series values are not set, then the spectrum name is used instead. | NR_ID | SP1 | SP2 | SP3 H N | | | | -------------+-------- +-----------+-----------+--------- 7.5 104.3 | A.1.ARG | 10 | 100 | 1000 """ from ccpn.core.lib.peakUtils import getSpectralPeakHeights return getSpectralPeakHeights(self.spectra) @property def seriesPeakHeightForNmrResidue(self): """ return: Pandas DataFrame with the following structure: Index: ID for the nmrResidue(s) assigned to the peak ; Columns => Spectrum series values sorted by ascending values, if series values are not set, then the spectrum name is used instead. | SP1 | SP2 | SP3 NR_ID | | | | ------------+-----------+-----------+-----------+--------- A.1.ARG | 10 | 100 | 1000 """ from ccpn.core.lib.peakUtils import getSpectralPeakHeightForNmrResidue return getSpectralPeakHeightForNmrResidue(self.spectra)
[docs] def sortSpectraBySeries(self, reverse=True): if not None in self.series: series = np.array(self.series) if reverse: ind = series.argsort()[::-1] else: ind = series.argsort() self.spectra = list(np.array(self.spectra)[ind]) self.series = list(series[ind])
[docs] def sortSpectraByName(self, reverse=True): from ccpn.util.Common import sortObjectByName spectra = list(self.spectra) sortObjectByName(spectra, reverse=reverse) self.spectra = spectra
[docs] def clone(self): # name = _incrementObjectName(self.project, self._pluralLinkName, newSpectrumGroup = self.project.newSpectrumGroup(, spectra=self.spectra) attrNames = ['series', 'seriesType', 'seriesUnits', 'sliceColour', 'positiveContourColour', 'negativeContourColour', 'comment'] for name in attrNames: val = getattr(self, name, None) try: setattr(newSpectrumGroup, name, val) except Exception as e: getLogger().warning('Error cloning: %s. Invalid attr: %s - %s' % (, name, str(e))) return newSpectrumGroup
#========================================================================================= # Implementation functions #========================================================================================= def __init__(self, project, wrappedData): super().__init__(project=project, wrappedData=wrappedData) @classmethod def _getAllWrappedData(cls, parent: Project) -> list: """get wrappedData for all SpectrumGroups linked to NmrProject""" return parent._wrappedData.sortedSpectrumGroups()
[docs] @renameObject() @logCommand(get='self') def rename(self, value: str): """Rename SpectrumGroup, changing its name and Pid. """ name = self._uniqueName(project=self.project, name=value) # rename functions from here oldName = self._oldPid = self._wrappedData.__dict__['name'] = name return (oldName,)
def _finaliseAction(self, action: str): """Subclassed to handle associated seriesValues instances """ oldPid = if not super()._finaliseAction(action): return # propagate the rename to associated seriesValues if action in ['rename']: # rename the items in _seriesValues as they are referenced by pid for spectrum in self.spectra: spectrum._renameSeriesItems(self, oldPid) @classmethod def _restoreObject(cls, project, apiObj): """Restore the object and update ccpnInternalData """ SPECTRUMGROUP = 'spectrumGroup' SPECTRUMGROUPCOMMENT = 'spectrumGroupComment' SPECTRUMGROUPPOSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR = 'spectrumGroupPositiveContourColour' SPECTRUMGROUPNEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR = 'spectrumGroupNegativeContourColour' SPECTRUMGROUPSLICECOLOUR = 'spectrumGroupSliceColour' SPECTRUMGROUPSERIES = 'spectrumGroupSeries' SPECTRUMGROUPSERIESUNITS = 'spectrumGroupSeriesUnits' SPECTRUMGROUPSERIESTYPE = 'spectrumGroupSeriesType' result = super()._restoreObject(project, apiObj) for namespace, param, newVar in [(SPECTRUMGROUP, SPECTRUMGROUPCOMMENT, cls._COMMENT), (SPECTRUMGROUP, SPECTRUMGROUPPOSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR, cls._POSITIVECONTOURCOLOUR), (SPECTRUMGROUP, SPECTRUMGROUPNEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR, cls._NEGATIVECONTOURCOLOUR), (SPECTRUMGROUP, SPECTRUMGROUPSLICECOLOUR, cls._SLICECOLOUR), (SPECTRUMGROUPSERIES, SPECTRUMGROUPSERIESUNITS, cls._SERIESUNITS), (SPECTRUMGROUPSERIES, SPECTRUMGROUPSERIESTYPE, cls._SERIESTYPE), ]: if result.hasParameter(namespace, param): # move the internal parameter to the correct namespace value = result.getParameter(namespace, param) result.deleteParameter(namespace, param) result._setInternalParameter(newVar, value) return result
#========================================================================================= # CCPN functions #========================================================================================= #=========================================================================================== # new'Object' and other methods # Call appropriate routines in their respective locations #=========================================================================================== #========================================================================================= # Connections to parents: #========================================================================================= @newObject(SpectrumGroup) def _newSpectrumGroup(self: Project, name: str, spectra=(), **kwds) -> SpectrumGroup: """Create new SpectrumGroup See the SpectrumGroup class for details. :param name: name for the new SpectrumGroup :param spectra: optional list of spectra as objects or pids :return: a new SpectrumGroup instance. """ if name and Pid.altCharacter in name: raise ValueError("Character %s not allowed in" % Pid.altCharacter) name = SpectrumGroup._uniqueName(project=self, name=name) if spectra: getByPid = self._project.getByPid spectra = [getByPid(x) if isinstance(x, str) else x for x in spectra] apiSpectrumGroup = self._wrappedData.newSpectrumGroup(name=name) result = self._data2Obj.get(apiSpectrumGroup) if result is None: raise RuntimeError('Unable to generate new SpectrumGroup item') if spectra: result.spectra = spectra for param, value in kwds.items(): if hasattr(result, param): setattr(result, param, value) else: getLogger().warning('%s does not have parameter "%s"; unable to set' % (result, param) ) return result #EJB 2181206: moved to Project # Project.newSpectrumGroup = _newSpectrumGroup # del _newSpectrumGroup # reverse link Spectrum.spectrumGroups def getter(self: Spectrum) -> Tuple[SpectrumGroup, ...]: data2Obj = self._project._data2Obj return tuple(sorted(data2Obj[x] for x in self._wrappedData.spectrumGroups)) def setter(self: Spectrum, value): self._wrappedData.spectrumGroups = [x._wrappedData for x in value] # Spectrum.spectrumGroups = property(getter, setter, None, "SpectrumGroups that contain Spectrum") del getter del setter # Extra Notifiers to notify changes in Spectrum-SpectrumGroup link className = ApiSpectrumGroup._metaclass.qualifiedName() Project._apiNotifiers.extend( (('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'addDataSource'), ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'removeDataSource'), ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'setDataSources'), ) ) className = ApiDataSource._metaclass.qualifiedName() Project._apiNotifiers.extend( (('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'addSpectrumGroup'), ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'removeSpectrumGroup'), ('_modifiedLink', {'classNames': ('Spectrum', 'SpectrumGroup')}, className, 'setSpectrumGroups'), ) )