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Executive Committee

The CCPN Executive Committee is elected by the UK NMR community to have oversight over CCPN and approve strategic decisions.

Members are selected to represent the diverse interests of the UK NMR community, and confirmed by a vote of the CCPN Assembly. Members serve for approximately three years, with a third of members replaced each year.

Current Members
Brian Smith
University of Glasgow (Chair-designate of CCPN)
Geerten Vuister University of Leicester (Chair of Working Group)
Wayne Boucher
University of Cambridge (Secretary to CCPN)
Ernest Laue University of Cambridge (Ex-Chair of Working Group)
Anthony Watts
University of Oxford
Matt Crump University of Bristol
Phil Williamson University of Southampton
Ben Goult University of Kent
Uli Schwarz-Linek University of St. Andrews
Rivka Isaacson Kings College London
Gary Thompson University of Leeds
Helen Mott University of Cambridge
Katja Petzold Karolinske Institutet